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P411 - Stumpwork Sea Anemone

Helene Knott
9:00 - 4:30
Friday - March 15

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$ 150  

Stumpwork is a form of dimensional hand embroidery that rose to popularity in 17th Century Europe. Used to decorate jewel boxes, framed art and other novelties, stumpwork usually featured vignettes of animals and plant life rendered in stitches that create texture and sculptural form. The subject for this project is the ephemeral ‘flower of the sea’ - the Sea Anemone. Not actually flowers but animals, sea anemones are related to corals but resemble flowers. Like flowers, they come in astounding colors. In their ‘open’ active state they do look like flowers with tentacles radiating from a center ‘mouth’; and when disturbed the anemone draws in its tentacles and resembles a rounded pillow, both forms are included in the project. This is a handwork project; no sewing machine is needed for this class.

Skill Level: confident beginner and up (class kit available) – no sewing machine required.

Please be courteous to others by arriving for class with the correct supplies. Contact me at helene.m.knott@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Materials fee $35 paid directly to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Fabric for a 9” square background, felt, embroidery floss and beads, beading thread, embroidery and beading needles, Frixion pen, template pattern & instructions. Kits will be in a variety of coordinated colors and may vary from colors and fabrics shown.

Supplies You Need to Bring to Class in addition to materials provided by instructor:

• Embroidery Scissors and utility scissors: fine pointed embroidery scissors are best for the sewing, but you will also need a pair of utility scissors for the templates.
• Rubber Needle Grabber (optional): it can be hard to pull an embroidery needle through heavy material, having a rubber needle grabber may help.
• Embroidery Hoop: a 6” – 7” hoop will be needed if you are working on lighter fabric, heavier fabrics may be stable enough to stitch onto without a hoop but it’s a good idea to have one just in case.
• Pencil: an ordinary wooden pencil; this will be used as a ‘spacer’ to set the size of loops for the tentacles.
• Beading Mat or a jar lid: something to spread and contain your beads to make them easier to pick up with the needle.
• Embroidery Stitch Guide Book: I will demonstrate the few simple stitches I prefer but having a good basic stitch guide book will allow you to explore more options.

Other Incidental Supplies:
• Lighting: additional lighting may be helpful; a portable Ott light would be appropriate. You may or may not need these things; they are mainly for comfort.
• A Stitchery Magnifier: these come in wearable forms as well as those that can be clamped to a table.
• Extension cords and plug strips (if bringing additional lighting): check to see if these will be provided or if it’s advisable to bring your own.
• A Pillow: Many venues have less than comfortable chairs, a pillow may help.

5 Spaces Remaining

Most of the required supplies for your classes can be pre-ordered from Collage. They will be ready and waiting for you to pick up when you arrive at the retreat. For further info and to place your order, contact:

Maria Raleigh



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