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P426 - Cover Cut-Outs Book

Janice Richie
9:00 - 4:30
Monday - March 11

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$ 150  

This book can be used for many different things, depending on what you decide to do with it, the colors you use and how you texturize your pages. It can be a journal, it would make a beautiful photo album, it can also be a coffee table book with quotes and art on each page. Every page of the 5 signatures (3 pages each) will be painted with a wash of paint and I will then show you how to achieve texture and design on the pages without actually drawing or painting anything. I've done every page a different color, but you may choose to do only a select few or go at it with no restrictions with regard to color.

I will have several templates for the covers so you can choose what shape you’d like your opening to be on the front and back. We will be working with Stonehenge paper for our pages and pressboard for the covers. The book measures 6 X 7 1/2. I guarantee you’ll make more of these books once you see how easy they are and what a huge impact they make. Incidentally, it’s a “no-sew-binding” book, so no needles! We will be using quite a lot of waxed linen, however.

You’ll also be learning a new way to put the book together. I think you’ll enjoy doing this one.

Materials fee $25 paid directly to instructor at beginning of class includes:

• Two pieces of pressed board for the front and back covers.
• Waxed Linen
• Stonehenge Paper for pages (approx 6 pages 22 X 30)
• Use of foam stamps, stencils
• Glue
• Scissor, Paper Cutter, Ruler
• Copper Rub-on Foil for edges of covers
• Large piece of plastic to be used for painting pages
• Pieces of canvas cloth

Supplies You Need to Bring to Class in addition to materials provided by instructor:
Five to 10 of your favorite colors of paint for the covers and the pages. I suggest using the Deco Art or craft paints for this project since we are painting the book pages and Deco Art does not stick to other pages. If you like using spray paints/inks, bring those too. Normal painting supplies, i.e., water container, paper towels, paint brushes. Also, bring rubber stamps, particularly foam or ones without a lot of detail. We will be lifting paint and applying paint with stamps. Bring your favorite stencils if you like.

Very important: Sharp Exacto Knife and a surface to cut on.

Feel free to bring any ephemera, quotes, etc., to add to your pages. The front opening is a great place to put a photo, quote, or small painting.

Most of the required supplies for your classes can be pre-ordered from Collage. They will be ready and waiting for you to pick up when you arrive at the retreat. For further info and to place your order, contact:

Maria Raleigh



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