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P434 - Luminous Layering in the Encaustic Painting

Linda Lenart McNulty-Luminous Encaustics
6:00 - 10:00
Wed Eve

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$ 125  

What can be more breathtaking than the process of layering exquisite script into aromatic encaustic wax?
Encaustic Wax is so playful, so easy, and so adaptable for collage techniques, you would think the Egyptians had you in mind when they developed this art form so many thousands of years ago.
In this workshop we will be layering all types of gorgeous script into sumptuous beeswax and treesap. We will build up transparent design layers, and when we reach the surface, I will show you techniques for adding script to the surface using our own hand, and some great tools and materials.
Last of all, we will play on the surface with color rubs using encaustic pigment sticks, and perhaps a touch of encaustic paint, which will partially obscure the glasslike imagery you have created.
When you are done, you can watch your paintings catch the light between its luminous layers, and join each other in marveling over our masterpieces.
Come join us for this lusciuous and luminous experience with encaustic wax collage.

Kit fee $25 paid to teacher at beginning of class includes:
encaustic medium, R&F pigment sticks, encaustic paint, encaustic brushes, various forms of antique script and imagery, use of shared griddles, skillets, and torches, and a variety of encaustic tools.

Students need to bring:
1. 3 wood painting boards, 6”x6” or 8”x8”
2. A few sheets of paper towel for clean up
3. A pair or two of Nitrile gloves
4. Wax paper for taking paintings home
5. Xacto Knife

Any personal collage paper, rice paper, origami paper or xeroxed imagery

Most of the required supplies for your classes can be pre-ordered from Collage. They will be ready and waiting for you to pick up when you arrive at the retreat. For further info and to place your order, contact:

Maria Raleigh



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