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Little Book of Poetic Nature

Lisa Agaran
9:00 - 4:30
Thur April 18

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$ 185  

Sometimes the beauty of nature can be captured through photography and in the simple words of a haiku. In this workshop, we will experience nature through photography, mixed media and the art of writing haikus.
Prior to our class you will take a self-guided field trip outdoors in nature, whether it’s to a local park, botanical garden or a hike. While on your field trip, you will capture details (close up shots) of your experience by photographing nature. You may choose instead to use images off the internet of nature that inspires you.
Then during our class we’ll begin putting together a handmade book that looks organic and vintage. In this workshop, you will also learn how to create simple haikus to incorporate into your small books.
In this class, I will also walk you through the photographing process, what to look for in terms of subject, lighting and composition. I will also take you step-by-step on how to alter your photographs to black & white as well as adjust contrast and brightness to prepare for printing. You will have the opportunity to create multiple little books.

Materials Fee $10 cash at beginning of class includes:

Instructor will be providing printed instructions of all lessons covered and additional materials

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Using Your Own Photography
Digital camera (DSLR) OR ability to take high quality photos with your smart phone.
Have the ability to make photographic alterations to digital photos (adjusting photos from color to black & white, contrast & brightness, etc.) The editing Photoshop, any smart phone photo altering App

(Note: A few weeks prior to our class, I will be sending out a tutorial with a basic photography lesson on how to take photos and alter them).


Using Photos from the Internet
If you don’t want to use your own photography, you can also use photos from the internet (make sure it is of high quality, 800-1000 pixels tall minimum).
Select photos that are close up shots of nature with dramatic lighting. You will need the ability to adjust these photos to black and & white, if they are color, and alter the contrast & brightness).

Printer (Note : you will be printing your photos at home prior to class and will not need to bring a printer to class.)
Black & white monochrome laser printer is preferred.

Ink jet color printer (you must be familiar with adjusting settings in order to print black & white)

140 lb. Watercolor paper (any size to accommodate 4 x 8 in. signatures)
24 lb. printer paper for your printouts
70 lb. drawing paper or mixed media paper (8 x 10 in.)
14” length waxed thread, craft cord, linen thread or equivalent + embroidery needle
Matte medium, Decoupage or Mod Podge
Acrylic paints (variety of colors)
Aleenee's Tacky Glue
Crafter’s Ultimate Glue (or equivalent for adhering found objects to covers)
Any additional found objects for embellishing cover (pebbles, small feathers, twigs, leaves, etc.)
Beads (Optional)
White Gelly Roll Pen (08 & 10)
Ultra Fine Black Sharpie or Pigma Micron Pen (black)
Variety of collage papers Gelli prints, handmade papers, mulberry paper, washi or rice paper, etc.)
Black tea bags & instant coffee (fine granduals)
Fine mist spray bottle for water
Paint brushes + brush for applying matte medium
Plastic Palette Knife (for applying gesso to pages)
Butcher tray or plastic plates for paint
Putty Spreader or burnisher (for smoothing down collage materials)
Hairdryer extension cord or power strip
Portable table lamp for extra lighting (Optional)
Straight edge ruler triangle
Xacto knife & cutting mat (Optional)

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