Portland, OR April 2024 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Beatriz Helton
9:00 - 4:30
Sun April 14

The Peace Quilt

$ 185  


I designed the Peace quilt to keep my hands busy during stressful times, it's hard to
think about the negative stuff while focusing on stitching. lol.
At first we'll be ripping and cutting our scraps while exploring color, contrasts, textures and shapes. Then we'll choose our first scrap, the one that catches your eye, satisfies your fingers and maybe pulls on your heartstrings - I'll be doing demos on some of my parent's clothing, may they rest in peace.
After choosing the next scrap the sewing begins, this is where I will begin to teach you my instinctual method of stitching. We'll add a few layers with smaller pieces of fabric, buttons and baubles, then we'll add more #instinctualstitching for further embellishment and discuss using thread as a mark making device and glue. I'll also share the story behind why I stitch in this manner and my main source of inspiration. 

Materials Fee $5 paid at beginning of class includes:

materials content here


Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

My favorite fabric scraps from old sewing projects, discarded clothing favorites
and thrift store treasures
An iron
Sewing scissors
Thread snips (optional)
Threads of different weights or thicknesses -embroidery and sewing threads and DMC- in various colors including black and white or cream
Sewing needles for hand sewing and embroidery
Needle threader (optional)
Quilting or dressmaker pins and a pincushion
Safety pins
Thread ripper
Fabric glue stick
Buttons, beads and baubles
A square of cardboard approximately 10" X 10"