Portland, OR April 2024 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Pamela Sue Johnson
6:30 - 9:30
Mon Eve April 15

Mixed Media Collage with Watercolor

$ 100  


Mixed-media collage is a much loved art form that is forgiving and agreeable for every art maker and their skill level. There is much spaciousness for experimenting and *happy accidents*.

In this workshop students will be led step by step in how to layer and create a mixed-media collage artwork with watercolor. Students will be introduced to a variety of mixed-media techniques including stenciling with ink sprays and also charcoal as well as water soluble pastels (sometimes called Art Crayons).
Students will make two 9x12 artworks during class.


Materials Fee $20 paid at beginning of class includes:

Watercolor paint and palette
Watercolor brush
Spray Bottle
Gel Medium
Water Cup
Shared art supplies include acrylic paint, collage elements, rubber stamps, stencils, charcoal, art crayons, pastels

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

9x12 Watercolor Paper, 140# COLDPRESS (at least 2 sheets)
Optional : Fine Point Black Pen