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The Simple Grace of Personal Shrines

Deborah Milosevich
9:00 - 4:30
Sun April 21

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$ 185  

Shrines have been created in many cultures throughout the world and for various reasons including secular and religious or as memorials. A shrine is a receptacle for sacred relics or items of importance.
As an artist, you will be taking a bit more freedom with the definition of a shrine. These small but powerful assemblages will be constructed on a colorful collaged wooden block of wood and adorned with precious objects and secret words. Your shrine will celebrate and bless what is dear to you-your home, studio, or a friend.

Materials Fee $25 paid at beginning of class includes:

Paints -
Clay faces and clay decorations
Match boxes
Glue guns
Faces of Saints and Icons
Beads, charms
Wood blocks
small plastic animals
Decorative mages
Milagros ribbons
Glue sticks
Collage papers
Hammer & nails
Extension cords

Material suggestions but not required:

-2” photos or Xerox photos of someone if you would like to honor, a particular person, animal, place or thing
 - old paper goods
- postage stamps
- feathers
- old photographs
- lace
- bark
- decorative papers
- rubber stamps
- twigs
- sheet music
- buttons
- reeds
- post cards
- bones
- small spoons
- maps
- shells
- beads
- coins/medals
- keys
- charms
- tin foil
- jewelry
- games pieces
- pencils
- small figurines
-small paint brushes
*If you do not have room for many of these items, I will be bringing lots of things you can work with.


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