Portland, OR April 2024 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Donna Downey
9:00 - 4:30
Mon/Tue April 15-16

Expressive Figures

$ 365  


Rendering the human figure is both vulnerable and intrinsically beautiful. You will learn to paint the movements of the body and explore expressive intentions and emotions through each mark of color. Your painting will evoke a powerful, dreamlike quality.
My personal style is to render the body in an abstracted block of colors and bold brushwork. The figures emerge as broken, but beautifully constructed and expressively raw.
Overview of the Workshop Lessons
? Complete 1-2 figurative paintings.
? On Day 1 we will work together from the same image (image will be provided prior to class) and on Day 2, I encourage a student choice for individualized work.
? This workshop can be done in acrylics or oils (or both).
We will not be striving for realism but strictly focussing on the expressive quality of painting the figure.
We will explore paint colors, skin tones and color mixing.
Elements of composition.
Subjects should be drawn onto surfaces prior to class ( i like to use a projector, it's easier!)
Defining the body through shadow and light.
Highlighting the stylistic differences each artist brings to their own painting.


Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Students will need to bring the following supplies:
? Two 18x24 or larger canvases
? Paint colors (Either acrylic or oil)
? Titanium white
? Carbon Black
? Raw Umber or Burnt Umber
? Yellow Ochre
? Cadmium Red
? Paynes Gray or similar blue
? Princeton Catalyst Silicone wedge, size #6
? Paintbrushes. I like a variety of flat brushes in a couple sizes and maybe a round for
details. I recommend using what you have on hand and not buying anything new for the
? I will bring 2 reference images to work from but some students like the option to work from
one of their own choosing on the second day.
? Water bucket to clean brushes
? Paper towels and/or baby wipes
? Golden OPEN acrylic medium (optional, but this keeps your paint workable and
easier to blend longer)
? Sta-wet palette
? Palette knife for mixing colors
? Easel Tabletop or standing