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Poetry Within Art

Misty Mawn
9:00 - 4:30
Thur March 20

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$ 185  

 A mixed media art approach to writing poetry and turning the poems into visual art.

Where does inspiration come from? We often discover through experiences, visions, dreams, people, places, and words, as well as through self-discovery. It is possible to find it anywhere we look. In this one-day workshop, we will take a journey to uncover inspiration from all the corners of our lives. We will start our morning immersed in the joy of reading and writing poetry, exploring various forms of poetry to capture our thoughts and feelings. We will then transform our collected words into visual expressions, creating art that reflects our inner and outer worlds.
My goal is to help you cultivate the confidence of a well-read poet and the creative curiosity of an insatiable artist. I will share several demonstrations on how to turn poetry into art using collage, pencil, paint, ink, and whatever else we find.
Join me for a day of creative exploration, where words and images intertwine to reveal our deepest inspirations.

Materials Fee $15 paid at beginning of class includes:

reference images, poetry, collage pack


Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

A journal to write in
A few drawing pencils
24 sheet pad of Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Pad, 18"x24”
Black Stabilo Pencil
Acrylic Paints - The primary colors + White/Black and any other colors you might want
Reg Gel Matte Medium for glue
A variety of small to medium flat and round brushes
A handful of favorite poems
A Container for water
Soap + a rag to clean brushes

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