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Awe & Authenticity

Christie Karpiak
9:00 - 4:30
Sun March 23

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$ 185  

Create mixed media pieces on wooden substrates, layered with original papers, encaustic medium, and natural elements, combined with fibres, woven elements and ephemera of your choice. You will create original papers to build collage layers that support natural elements such as twigs, bark, stones, feathers, shells and metal. You will explore how fabric and wool fibres find their place amongst these collaged pieces, while having a go at adding some encaustic medium to some of your works. You will be encouraged to work intuitively throughout this class as you connect with your soul and with Mother Earth. You will be encouraged to approach your work with curiosity, exploration and a sense of awe and wonder. Create at your own level and use your own creativity while being gently guided to truly make these pieces unique and authentically yours.

Materials Fee paid at beginning of class includes:

$5 for encaustic medium and brushes
$2 (for newsprint under paper)

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• 4-6 wooden substrates. These could be flat wood panels or cradled wood panels. Choose the size you want to work with, such as 4x4”, 6x6” 8x8”. It is your choice. (If you don’t have room to bring the wood, you can make the project and then adhere it onto the wood or into a frame at home).
• a variety of fibres eg) wool, macramé cord, embroidery floss, hemp twine
• sewing needles with an eye large enough for the fibres to pass through
• scissors
• cotton muslin approximately 24x24 inches or 36x36 inches, depending on how big you’re working.
• fabrics you have in your stash that might give interesting texture
• 6-8 water color papers approximately 9 x12 inches each
• acrylic paints in neutral colors eg) Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, White, Black, Quinachrodone Gold, Yellow Ochre
• one or two acrylic paints in color of your choice eg) blue, green
• acrylic inks in neutral colors eg) Payne’s Gray, Indigo, Sepia, Black, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna (your choice)
• one or two acrylic inks in color of your choice eg) Olive green, Dark green, Indigo, Prussian Blue (your choice)
• brushes (a variety of sizes-some for inks and watercolors, some for acrylics)
• pastels (colors that lend themselves to your paints and inks)
• pencils
• charcoal pencil
• gel medium
• old brush to apply gel medium
• plastic card
• large catalyst tool for spreading paint (or something like a bowl scraper)
• ephemera of your choice eg) twigs, bark, stones, feathers, shells, beads, wire, metal
• natural mark making tools like twigs (for scraping into paint)
• heat tool
• glass to hold water for cleaning brushes
• paper towels
• apron

Optional items:

• heavy gel medium to adhere natural elements
• water color paints (choose colors that lend themselves to the acrylic paints)


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