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Fabric Origami

Helene Knott
6:30 - 9:30
Wed Eve March 19

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$ 100  

Origami is an art form dating back at least 1000 years in Japan. Originally used to make ceremonial objects, Origami evolved over the centuries into the decorative craft it is today. Designs representing birds, animals, and flowers have long fascinated the world particularly the math and engineering involved in creating a three dimensional object from a flat surface through folding. Typically folded from paper, Origami can be made from stiffened fabric as well. In Japan, cranes are particularly revered and it is said that folding 1000 Origami cranes will carry one’s prayers to heaven on their wings and their heart’s desire will come true.

Materials Fee $5 paid at beginning of class includes:

assorted bonded fabric/paper squares

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• Bamboo, bone, or plastic paper folding tool (optional): This inexpensive tool makes paper folding a breeze. Note: the instructor will have a few on hand for students to use if you don’t have one.
• Craft scissors

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