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Deck in a Box - Transfers on Plaster & Metal

Leighanna Light
9:00 - 4:30
Mon/Tue March 17-18

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$ 365  

In this 2 day workshop we will be creating a luscious deck of 30 plaster & 6 metal cards, each 4 1/2 x 3 1/2", that will live in a small metal box that will be embellished with transfers and plaster.

I will teach you multiple techniques used to transfer images onto plaster, gesso and metal, and will then guide you into taking each transfer to a finished work of art.

You can explore a theme or subject matter with this project, use this as a shrine to someone or place that is close to your heart, or allow yourself the freedom to learn the different techniques and experiment.

This is a fun, loose, lighthearted workshop with lots of time to play and experiment with different products and techniques.

I welcome those with all levels of experience, I hope that you can join us!

Materials Fee $40 cash paid at beginning of class includes:

plaster, metal box,
transfer mediums,
metal hardware,
extra consumables and shipping costs.

Please read the supply list NOW and collect your supplies early. You may have to order some things online, so please allow plenty of time for this. I do not sell extra supplies in class. You may not be able to complete the project in class if you do not bring what is listed on the supply list. If you have trouble finding anything, or if you have any questions, please contact me at least two week prior to class at leighannalight@gmail.com

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

PAINT BRUSHES, Several different size brushes, from thin to wide and flat.



-A CUP for paint water.


-ACRYLIC PAINT, 3 or 4 colors of your favorite colors.
I will have some paint to share

-WHITE GESSO: Utrecht Artists' Acrylic Gesso, White, Medium Bodied, 8 oz.
Please bring this exact kind or the process will not work.


-K&S TIN SHEET METAL, Please bring two 6 x 12 inch sheets. It must be this kind or the process will not work.

-WATERCOLOR PAPER, 12x9” at least five sheets. 140 lb. https://www.dickblick.com/products/fabriano-studio-watercolor-fat-pad/?fromSearch=%2Fsearch%2F%3Fsearchword%3Dwatercolor%20paper%209x12%2C%20140%20lb
-FAVORITE PHOTOS, Please bring approximately 35 photos. They can be the same image or all different, you can create a theme around your photos or not. They absolutely must be printed on a laser copier on to cheap copy paper, approximately 5 x 4”, black & white or color, with a rather large focal point. No text.


-A heat gun if you have one.
-Small personal found objects to use on or in your box.

Click here for a printable page

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