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Nature in Abstract

Stephanie Lee
9:00 - 4:30
Fri March 21

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$ 185  

Calling all abstract art lovers and nature enthusiasts! Join me in this workshop where we will highlight the natural world within the undefined realm of abstract art! We will transform simple brush strokes, additive and subtractive mark making, and the shapes of nature into surreal, dream-like masterpieces (without having to forage for the perfect elements!).
In this workshop, we’ll focus on the process of creating abstract art that captures the essence of nature’s beauty with hints and details of botanical form, within the context of abstract composition. Leaves, flowers, stones, and even the animal kingdom will serve as your muse as we create works of art that honor those bits of inspiration in a more nuanced and subtle way rather than usual.
As we delve deeper into composition in a way that gives your more freedom and fewer rules to follow, you’ll discover the art of balancing chaos and harmony to create a pleasing abstract that can be as soft and gentle or bold and intense as you want. Once your color and nature elements are committed to the canvas, you’ll have the option of encasing it all under a luminous layer of encaustic medium if you choose. By the end of our workshop, you’ll leave with a small collection of beautiful art pieces that capture the spirit of nature in its most magical form.

Materials Fee $5 paid at beginning of class includes:

Encaustic Medium for student use and all tools and supplies needed to work with the encaustic.
Extra paint
Miscellaneous tools and supplies for group sharing and to supplement what you bring.



Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

5-10 Photocopied Images. These should NOT be original photographs on photo paper but should be black and white OR color laser or toner images (not inkjet). Basic copy paper is fine and is preferred over a thick cardstock or heavier paper. I recommend you bring a variety of sizes that somewhat correspond to the sizes of the substrates you bring.
3-7 Substrates of your choice such as canvas boards, wood panels, artist boards, scraps of masonite, craft panels, etc. in sizes that you’re comfortable traveling with (no larger than 11x14). I recommend sizes such as 5x7, 6x6, etc. Having a few to work on will give you more freedom to experiment during the workshop.
A few of your favorite colors of acrylic paint, including a white that you like.
A small container of your favorite collage glue. I like Liquitex Soft gel matte medium.
A few of your favorite art brushes including one that is 1-2” wide.
A small collection of collage papers. These can be small pieces and just a few stuffed in an envelope to pull from if you want will be fine. These are different from the images you will bring and I recommend that for the collage papers you focus on patterns and color and not so much defined images.
A fine point paint pen in black and/or white
A #2 pencil
Basic art supplies such as scissors, a rag or wet wipes, apron, etc. Whatever you like to have on hand when you create.

A few inspiration photos from nature. These can be images on your smartphone or paper that you use as reference for shape and form. Think branches, leaves, tree shapes, seed heads, flower forms, etc. Whatever has a shape that you like.
Found elements from nature such as leaves, grass seed heads, pressed flowers, etc.
Heat tool/crafter’s heat gun. I will have a couple on hand but if you have your own you won’t have to wait in line to use mine.

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