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Stephanie Lee
9:00 - 4:30
Thur March 20

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$ 185  

Welcome, bold creators and chaos enthusiasts, to our wildly wonderful workshop where minimalism takes a backseat and maximalist magic reigns supreme! If you struggle with abstract painting, knowing what more to add or when to stop and want to freely create pieces where colors and interest explode and every inch of your canvas is alive with vibrant energy, this workshop is perfect for you! In this workshop, we’ll dive headfirst into the exhilarating realm of busy abstract art, where more is always more and composition confusion stops you no more!
Our adventure begins with embracing the beauty of complexity, layering colors, dynamic shapes, and combining it all in controlled energy. From swiping paint with carefree abandon to adding defined little marks for interest, you’ll discover the joy of filling your canvas to the brim with artistic chaos without wondering if you’re doing too much or worrying about having a focal point.
The focus will be on creating with freedom and balancing busyness with harmony. We'll explore the interplay of textures, contrasting hues, and the rhythm of overlapping forms and marks to create a small collection of exciting pieces for your walls. So, gather your brushes and your bravest ideas, and join us for a creative escapade where more is always a merry delight!

Extra collage fodder
Extra paint
Miscellaneous tools and supplies for group sharing and to supplement what you bring.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

10-20 pieces of collage material for personal use. These can be magazine pages, laser or toner photocopies, scraps of fabric, salvaged 2 dimensional elements. I recommend you bring a variety of sizes that somewhat correspond to the sizes of the substrates you bring.
10 additional pieces of collage material to trade with classmates. Just stuff them in a gallon ziplock baggie or envelope and we’ll divy them up in the class.
3-7 Substrates of your choice such as canvas boards, wood panels, artist boards, scraps of masonite, craft panels, etc. in sizes that you’re comfortable traveling with (no larger than 11x14). I recommend sizes such as 5x7, 8x10, etc. Having a few to work on will give you more freedom to experiment during the workshop. Unstretched, pre-primed canvas from an art supply store will work well too.
A few of your favorite colors of acrylic paint, including a white that you like.
A small container of your favorite collage glue. I like Liquitex Soft gel matte medium.
A few of your favorite art brushes including one that is 1-2” wide.
A fine point paint pen in black and/or white
A #2 pencil
Basic art supplies such as scissors, a rag or wet wipes, apron, etc. Whatever you like to have on hand when you create.

Heat tool/crafter’s heat gun. I will have a couple on hand but if you have your own to dry your paint faster you won’t have to wait in line to use mine.

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