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I've Created a Monster

Thomas Ashman
9:00 - 4:30
Mon/Tue March 17-18

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$ 365  

Doll Making Workshop

Perhaps I am revealing too much here, but from a very early age, much of my head has been populated by so-called "monsters". From Sesame Street and the Muppet Show to Saturday mornings with Pufnstuff and The Great Space Coaster, as well as a steady diet of those campy, corny, creature features from the early days of sci-fi and horror cinema that I used to watch late on Friday night. These freaky, fuzzy, and often funny folks ended up being much-beloved companions for myself, and many other "latch-key kids" raised by television. So, to pay tribute to the dark ones hiding in my closet and under my bed, I have developed a comprehensive doll-making workshop that attempts to re-imagine those lovable and loud, wild and weird monsters of my youth.

Essentially a beginner's course in figural sculpture, (doll making), on day one, students will learn how to fabricate a one-wire doll armature that can be articulately posed and sculpted upon with many different materials. After that, I will show you how I used spray foam, pipe insulation foam, bought and recycled Styrofoam, zip ties, and aluminum screen mesh to build a virtually indestructible figural base substrate. While this instructor will endeavor to empower and encourage students to sculpt and shape their doll into "monstrous" forms, the techniques and skills acquired and developed in this course can ultimately be applied to any style of doll making! (What? not everyone loves monsters?) As for the face, hands, and feet, we'll sculpt those with the 2-part epoxy clay, or use recycled parts brought from home.

Our second day together, students get insanely useful tips and tricks for cutting patterns in fabrics, leather, and fur for optimal base form coverage, some painting techniques that make things look less "painted", and employing other found objects, fabrics, and materials to create durable, poseable, unusual, fascinating, (scary?), but ultimately, totally entertaining dolls. I am hoping to see lots of different outcomes from students in this workshop, as there is a ton of room for the unique and individualized interpretation of this project.

For more pictures of my monsters and other useful information, please visit: www.blacksheepartist.com

Materials Fee $40 paid at beginning of class includes:

printed instruction book
wood base
aluminum and steel armature wire various gauges
aluminum mesh
spray foam
foam pipe insulation
zip ties
epoxy clay
foam ball
1 pair glass eyes
a limited assortment of paint colors you can use
pattern paper
access to a great pile of fabric scraps, trim, leather, fur, teeth, hooves, horns, bones, and other stuff for monster making.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

* sharp pair of scissors
* Sharpie marker
* Xacto knife with extra blades
* wire cutters
* needle nose pliers
* shop shears for cutting metal
* 1/2 yard of fur, leather, or hide to cover your monster (this can be any color, faux or real, your call)
* one bottle of Crafter's Pick Ultimate water based super glue

Optional tools and supplies you can bring:
* doll parts (or other creature's) think: hands and/or feet
* various scraps of fur, feathers, fabrics, F.O.'s, or Styrofoam packing bits you might have lying around to swap/share
* any additional props, pets, jewelry, clothing, weapons, or other accessories for your doll
* sewing kit
* any paint colors you cannot risk my not having for you

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