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Copper Journal

Thomas Ashman
9:00 - 4:30
Wed March 19

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$ 185  

There is something about metal that just sticks in the mind of the Black Sheep Artist. Whether it was the heavy metal music that got into my blood during the 1980's, the exciting sword and sorcery movies I love to watch, or just the intriguing juxtaposition of strength and malleability of actual metal, I am drawn to this material in ways I don't fully understand. So, I decided to combine my love of metal with my love of books, and this fantastic, all-metal journal project is an magical experience in alchemy!

Students will fabricate, from scratch, a double-wide (6" x 8" x 2") newly improved version of my original all-metal, no-sew binding. The copper covers of this book, an amazing canvas for your interpretation, are completely fabricated by the students, Instruction is given in the alteration of metal with chemical patinas, paints, and fire to discover unexpectedly brilliant colors and often astonishing abstract patterns.

Adding some chain and a few beads or charms to dangle from the spine, and a cool found object, tintype, photo under glass, or some other wild idea attached the cover will make this book uniquely your own. Techniques taught will include, but are not limited to cutting, bending, sanding, engraving, torching, and, of course, the magical alteration of metal with various patinas and a propane torch. My original binding, once mastered, can be adapted to make books in many different sizes and using other materials.

For more pictures and other information, please visit: blacksheepartist.com

Materials Fee $45 paid at beginning of class includes:

printed instruction book
copper sheet metal
copper clad plumber's tape
copper wire
clear coat

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

* 20 pieces of hand torn, 90# watercolor paper at 7.5" x 11" each
(Please paint or otherwise decorate this paper before class, you'll be glad you did!)
* tin snips or shears for cutting metal
* disposable paint brush
* scissors
* wire cutters
* round nose pliers
* chain-nose pliers
* Phillip's screwdriver
* a cool found object or whatever to put on the cover (gears, rusty metal, tintype, candy tin, crucifix, brass decorative pieces, etc.)

Optional (but very helpful) tools and supplies you might bring along:
Dremel tool with cut-off wheels, sanding barrels, grindstone, engraving bits
rubber stamps & ink (if you want to stamp patterns or images on the metal)
propane or butane torch

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