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Jody Alexander

Jody Alexander is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Santa Cruz and Penn Valley, California. She combines textiles, paper, found items and imagery to create books, objects, wall pieces, garments, and installations. Her current work is inspired by the art of repair, reuse, and imagery and stories encountered in her travels and everyday.

Her work appears in a number of publications including Masters: Book Arts: Major Works by Leading Artist, 500 Handmade Books, and 1000 Artists' Books: Exploring the Book as Art. Jody was an artist in residence at the Santa Cruz Resource Recovery Facility in 2019, and is the 2015 recipient of the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from U.C.L.A., and a Master’s degree in Library Science from Simmons College, Boston, MA.

Jody teaches and exhibits nationally and internationally.


Thomas Ashman

Hailing from Salt Lake City Utah, Thomas Ashman now lives and works in the magical town of Taos, NM, and is a book binder, doll maker, and mixed media artist who likes to create with one foot in the light and one foot firmly in the dark. Reveling in the irony of juxtaposition, Thomas starts with forgotten toys, discarded dolls, rusty metal, and other resurrected materials, then breathes a new and interesting life into these abandoned objects by transforming them into macabre story-tellers and unexpectedly complex studies of the literary characters and supernatural deities that inspire him. The haunting images adorning the covers of his glass and metal journals give his work a kind of classical darkness that conjures a spooky and ‘old-fashioned’ aesthetic.

Coming from an academic background with a degree in English literature and music, his visual art explorations began back in the early 2000’s, and have allowed him to travel all over the country to teach his original “no-sew” metal book binding technique, and other workshops, at local shops and national retreats such as Artfest, Art & Soul, Art Unraveled, Create, Art Continuum, et.al. Thomas exhibits locally whenever he can, and has had his work published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and Somerset Studio magazines, and has received a few awards in juried exhibitions.

When he isn’t in the studio, Thomas enjoys camping, kayaking, skiing, reading, educational podcasts, horror movies, live music, and banging his head and his drums, as often as possible (with a particular affection for classic heavy metal skullduggery). Thomas also loves just hanging out in his his 100+ year old adobe abode, baking cookies, growing flowers and vegetables, and watching true crime shows with his four favorite ladies. Leighanna, Lily, Peetie, and Jessie, and an ornery ol’ gato gordo named Hairy B.




Orly Avineri

Orly Avineri is a mixed media artist, a teacher, and an author. She was born and raised in Israel, ended up in Southern California after living in the Netherlands for nearly a decade. Now living in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon she teaches workshops and retreats in intimate settings, locally, in the US, and abroad. Orly’s work’s purpose is to advance the well being of those who seek it through unique and intimate natural and man-made processes and materials. Engaging in a world that is far more expansive than her own enlivens her to no end and she hopes to invoke that feeling in others by introducing and marrying multiple media to inspire freedom of expression and a deep belief in the possibility, the power, and the beauty of change. All for the sake of a deep sense of interconnectedness to all.

Instagram: @orlyavineri
Facebook: @orlyavineri


Michelle Banton

Michelle Tade Banton was a new instructor at Art & Soul (Harrisburg, 2024) but she’s been teaching over 20 years in the US, Canada, and Ireland. She’s generally taught non-traditional quilting designs and techniques, but is expanding the scope of her teaching to include other mixed media. Michelle’s style is relaxed, encouraging and hopefully a bit entertaining.
There is too much in life that we HAVE to do. Michelle hopes her classes are something you WANT to do.


Lisa Bebi

Lisa Bebi, since a small child, has loved two things: looking through snapshots in her family album and painting as expression. For over three decades, the San Diego native has married these two things together, and her work has received international awards and recognition for its content, style, and color. Lisa received her BA in fine arts from SDSU, where she developed as a colorist, straddling representation with abstraction. Daughter of a journalist, Lisa always finds ways to tell the untold story she sees in snapshots. “I love the authenticity of the snapshot. It’s a single moment in time but by painting it I can extend that moment, revel in it and bring to life characters and scenarios that I fancy. Working this way gives me enormous pleasure.” She extracts the “behind, the behind” using innovative techniques and finesse. Over the course of her life she has received awards, accolades, and endorsements. She has been a longtime contributor to many international mixed-media magazines and several books; has taught in artist residencies locally and internationally; is a Golden Paints educator; and is often a local juror.  


Jane Davies

Jane Davies is a full time artist working in collage, painting. She offers workshops nationwide, focusing on helping people to find a personal and playful approach to art making. Beginning as a potter in the early nineties, Davies gradually transitioned into freelance art, using painting and collage as her medium. For the past five years she has put most of her efforts towards teaching, writing, and making art. She is the author of three books on collage and mixed media, one on ceramics, and has one DVD on painting and collage techniques.


Sandra Duran Wilson

The senses become mixed and intertwined in the mind of the artist. Sounds appear in colors, numbers sing songs and frequencies dance in her head. Synesthesia is a crossing of the senses. The paintings and sculptures are a beautiful blending of sounds, science, and nature.

Sandra Duran Wilson comes from a family of artists and scientists. She grew up in a world where everything was possible, where she would look through the microscope in her father’s office and then draw what she saw. Sandra’s early years were spent on the border of Mexico where the people, animals, landscape, drama of the religious rituals, and stories of the curanderas shaped her reality. Years later she would return frequently to Mexico and South America to absorb the culture, traditions, and art. Her spirituality combined with her scientific studies has directed her work from realism to abstract mixed media.

Her work is influenced by theoretical scientific concepts in physics, biology and chemistry. The pure fun of exploring what paint can do and her natural curiosity keeps the work fresh and lively. Her work is represented in the US and Australia and is found in many corporate, civic, and educational collections and in private collections worldwide.

She experiments, paints, writes and teaches at her studio in Santa Fe, NM, and teaches around the US, Europe and Australia. She is the author of six art technique books and several instructional DVDs.


Rochelle Gaukel

Rochelle has always loved art – it has been a way to express herself and her style. Her road to creating jewelry began 12 years ago where she attended a chandelier class in Cortona, Italy. From that point on she fell in love with the art of soldering and jewelry making. It truly has been the best journey of her life meeting so many wonderful people, learning new things, and opening many doors to new opportunities. 


Micah Goguen

Micah Goguen grew up in Central Georgia and obtained his Bachelors in Art and Art History and his Masters in Art Therapy from Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville. He focuses primarily on bringing art to the community and using art as a form of communication for those struggling to understand and cope with life situations.
Goguen produces work while teaching art to both adults and children. He also volunteers time at the local community center and works with adults in alcohol and substance recovery as well as uprooted and traumatized children. Using mural work, art for entertainment and art therapy for healing, Micah collaborates with school systems, local shops, and non-profits to help unify and most importantly “spread a message”. The overall vision is to focus and rededicate back to a buy local, shop local mentality that strengthens community through unity and purpose.


Ruth Greening

Art is such an amazing gift. Whether we enjoy looking at it or participate in creating it. I have always had some form of artistic influence in my life in so many forms. Entertaining, cake decorating, wire wrapping, Precious Metal Clay and now Silversmith work.
I love learning from so many wonderful artists and creating works of wearable art, but the best is teaching someone else how to create their own artistic voice. Seeing that “AW HA!” moment when it all comes together
I look forward to working with you and seeing what inspiring pieces you have tucked inside your heart and challenging you to let it shine!



Beatriz Helton

I am a mixedmedia, fiber and textile bookmaking artist. Making something out of nothing is my passion. When I'm in the zone on an art project, I feel a sense of presence that inspires and challenges me. Whether drawing, painting, paper making, fabric dyeing, stitching, or finding something to add to my work, I enjoy getting lost in the process. My bookmaking is always evolving. No two books are exactly alike. Each page is a different expression of shapes, colors, textures, and impressions from my life. I am always intrigued to find unexpected images presenting themselves in the finished piece. I enjoy when the viewer finds something personal in my work. I believe an individual’s view of art is as unique as their fingerprint. 


I love creating, whether it’s in my kitchen, my garden, or my studio. I have been inspired to share my experience ever since I opened Creative Beginnings, an art and craft supply shop on the North Oregon coast in 1994. I taught classes in knitting, jewelry making, paper arts, and various craft projects. The best part of that experience was being with a group who want to create and who bring their unique perspective to the creative process.
Nowadays Art and Soul is the place where I find that group.


Christie Karpiak

As a mixed media artist and teacher Chris believes in fostering an authentic spirit of inquiry and exploration to develop rich creative experiences. Chris paints, photographs, assembles, stitches and dyes her way through explorative processes that weave their stories in her life’s journey. Chris has taught thousands of students across the world; her purpose is to help light students from within in finding their own voice as they weave creativity with life’s experiences and explorations through self expression.

Chris has been an Artist in Residence in Orquevaux, France. She has her work in the Denis Diderot Gallery in France, the 2024 Artist Almanac, and she is a regular contributor to Somerset Studio, the world’s premier mixed media magazine.

Chris teaches on line in her own school (Chris Karpiak), and this year she is a teacher for Fodder School 3 and Wanderlust 2024. Chris also teaches live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Chris calls Edmonton home now after having lived in Victoria, BC for 23 years.


instagram https://www.instagram.com/christinekarpiak/

you tube https://www.youtube.com/@chriskarpiak/videos


Helene Knott

Art is our universal language. From pre-historic bison scratched onto a cave wall, to the fervent expression of religious faith brushed onto a chapel ceiling; humans have been driven to leave a legacy of their hopes and dreams etched in stone, wrought in metal or wood, woven in cloth or painted on paper and canvas. It is a unique characteristic of human nature to create visual form that goes beyond function into abstract thought. No culture, past or present, has failed to leave this expression of their existence and humanity. The message can be patently obvious as an epic battle immortalized in a Medieval tapestry or as enigmatic as a legion of stone heads staring out to sea on a long deserted island. It can be as realistic as a photograph or as abstract as swathes of color. Art can be used to invoke spirits or exorcize demons. I am driven to speak with my hands, to translate my visions into a form that bridges all language barriers. My visions come from my perception of the world around me, dreams and faint remembrances of lifetimes lost in the past. I am a storyteller at heart and my quilts are my stories.
I was born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula in central California, a beautiful area that served as an inspiration to set me onto a creative path for life. From a very early age I showed a keen interest in art, starting with drawing and painting and exploring different mediums for my self-expression. In the early 70's, I turned my attention to fiber and fabrics with a focus on quilting and embroidery. For the last 40 years or so, fiber and quilting has been my primary focus and passion.
In 1991, we moved to the Pacific Northwest. I began teaching fiber and quilting classes in 1999. Over the years, my work has won awards at local, regional and national shows and the recognition has served me well in promoting myself as a teacher. In 2006 I received a nomination for the ‘Teacher of the Year’ by Professional Quilter Magazine another teacher ultimately won the top award but to be nominated was an honor itself. Some of my quilts have appeared in the pages of books and the cover of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine; and I have written articles for various magazines and currently design quilt patterns. This year, I became a fabric designer for Northcott Fabrics and my first line came out in May of 2018.
In addition to art and quilting, I have a passion for gourmet cooking, books (the only place I can get into worse trouble than a fabric store), films and music.


Stephanie  Lee

I create from my home studio in Southern Oregon in the company of a dog who looks a little bit like a fruit bat, a small flock of chickens, two pigs, and my husband who can do anything I put my mind to.
As an artist and creativity coach, I merge a variety of materials to create art that invites you to honor your complex stories while also simplifying (and elevating) the continuing stories you tell yourself through your creative process.
I am the creator of over a dozen popular online art courses and eBooks which provide easy, step-by-step guidance on how to improve your metalsmithing skills in my signature “homesteader” style, how to create original sculpted forms with plaster and found objects, and how to combine plaster, paint, and encaustic medium in luminous two-dimensional work.


Leighanna Light

I am a passionate art instructor, thing-maker, bookmaker, figurative assemblage artist and recovering perfectionist! My background is in fine arts and photography and I’ve been teaching art workshops for the past 25 years at art retreats in the US. I develop my classes by playing, making a mess, making “mistakes” and I can’t think of any better way to live and make a living. I love to create, to hunt for things to create with & to share my creativity with others. It’s what I live for, it’s my oxygen.
I grew up in a small town in upstate New York and I have spent most of the past 20 years in New Mexico. I am so lucky to live in Taos, the mountains of Northern New Mexico, with my best friends Thomas, Peetie, Lily Jessie and Hairy B.



Cindy Lohbeck

Equal parts human rainbow and transformative educator, Cindy Lohbeck is 100% DYEHARD! Her colorful contributions to the fiber community include an extensive line of fabric dyeing kits and innovative techniques, making her a favorite for guild events, quilt shows, retreats and quilt shop venues. Watch faces light up as she humorously brings a deep knowledge of color, dye and textiles along with and an array of unique tools, tips, and tricks to help quilters, textile artists and crafters share in the empowering experience of dyeing their own fabric. Having worked in textiles and fabric dyeing for over 40 years, Cindy’s mission is to pass her knowledge on to other artists, and helping make the world a more colorful place!


Misty Mawn

Misty Mawn is a full-time artist, international workshop instructor, and author of Unfurling, A Mixed Media Workshop. She has been published in multiple publications from Somerset Studio, Cloth Paper, Scissors, to Spirituality and Health Magazine. She has an insatiable curiosity for the world and finds inspiration everywhere. She loves to share that found inspiration with those she teaches. She is a mother of two and lover of all animals. When not painting or teaching she can be found cooking, hiking, dancing, throwing pottery, or practicing the art of change.



Sandy Moore

After many years of experimentation with fabric; dying fabric, creating custom fabrics for high-end designers, making wearable art, designing luxury clothing, and making gallery quality wall art; I have found the creative medium that brings a smile to my face, creative fabric collage. It is also known as art or collage quilting or painting with fabric. Whatever you choose to call it, it is a combination of the traditional techniques of collage using the materials of fabric and thread. Using commercial and hand died cotton fabrics, acrylic inks pens and crayons, digital manipulation, raw edge applique and free motion stitching, I create colorful, layered, and often whimsical collages. Being in the studio surrounded by brightly colored fabrics is both peaceful, challenging, and happy making!  


Lulu Murakami Moonwood

I am very active on instagram: @lulumoonwoodmurakami. See you there! 



Jacqueline Newbold

Her life journey gives Jacqueline Newbold a never-ending source of inspiration to represent gems of the world in her color-filled paintings. Her watercolor journal has become a visual diary and constant companion everywhere she travels. Using a warm and playful color palette, Jacqueline enjoys capturing a moment in time by painting the dappled sunlight on a field of lavender, or the brilliance of a tropical beach. She introduces color in the shadows and sun-drenched areas, which creates a luminous glow in her paintings. Primarily a watercolor artist, she uses her watercolor journal as a springboard for exploring creative ways to incorporate mixed media into her art and providing the bases for her larger creations.

Jacqueline is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, the Northwest Watercolor Society and the High Desert Art League. She teaches watercolor workshops locally, nationally as well as leading painting workshops in France and Italy. She has several articles published in the mixed-media magazine, Cloth-Paper-Scissors about creating art while on your journey. Jacqueline has partnered with Daniel Smith Art Supplies to create a watercolor traveling kit. Her self-published book, Watercolor Journeys is a helpful guide for beginning to advanced watercolor enthusiasts and her workshop DVD with Interweave has just been released: Art Journals On-The-Go: How to pack, prep, paint, and more.

Website: www.newboldart.com
Blog: http://djnewbold.blogspot.com


Jesse Reno

Jesse Reno is a self-taught mixed media painter. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, and painting and exhibiting his works since 2000.
Jesse has amassed over 3000 paintings in the last 12 years, and has exhibited his work extensively across the US and Canada as well as France and Mexico. Jesse's work has been covered in various art publications including Juxtapoz, Artnews, Artension, dpi and Somerset Studio just to name a few. One of his largest works can be seen in Winnipeg, Canada where he was commissioned by the Province of Manitoba to create a 25 x 40 ft mural as a reminder to the cultural importance of the Native American people in the region.


Susan Rossiter

 Professional Artist and Educator for GOLDEN Paints

This is a hard working disciplined full time artist with a full time day job. Her work can be seen at Nationwide Insurance headquarters and many businesses in and around Columbus, Ohio.
Paintings can be seen at Studios on High Gallery and Gallery Art Center in Columbus, OH and Owl & Rabbit Gallery in Burlington, NC, and at SusanRossiter.com

Susan worked her way through college at Millersville University, PA and has an extensive education in drawing, painting, printmaking, fine art metals, design, photography, art history and sculpture. Skills from multiple genres and a little art history are integrated into her workshops. Online or in-person, Susan’s classes are relaxed, fun and informative for any skill level.

Follow Susan for weekly posts and studio schnauzer puppy photos: @soozrossiter
Or on Facebook: Susan Rossiter Artist
Random questions: Susan.Rossiter@yahoo.com


Susan Schenk

Collage is a wonderful way to wake up the sleeping artist within. Collages are unique individual expressions, just like the artists are. I am exploring a range of subjects without a political agenda, welcoming the technical challenge of making realistic renderings from recycled materials. I enjoy making something attractive from discards, appropriating images and putting them together in intriguing ways.  Like any artist, I am especially thrilled when my work calls to a viewer to come closer and spend some time engaged in the piece.  While my pictorial collages are best viewed from a distance, a close up inspection can reveal a very different piece of art.


"My goal as an artist is to let my work bring joy to the viewer."


Becky Springer

Becky Joan Springer is an “accidental” and intuitive abstract painter, largely self-taught and still (un)learning. She studied art in undergrad, but didn’t pick up a paintbrush again until her mid 30s. She was a longtime college educator and counseling instructor working with marginalized communities, burnt out, and far removed from creative spaces.

When she followed the whispers and invited art back into her life as a daily practice, everything changed. Her colorful and bold art tells her story as a recovering perfectionist, with learned vulnerability, and untethered joy. ?Creating became a salve for the soul and has evolved from a hobby to a thriving daily practice, with the creation of a studio where she teaches in-person painting workshops and retreats. 

She believes that we’re all artists, that art is healing, and that creating in community can be transformative. Her classes integrate a mind, body, and soul approach to intuitive painting. She strives for welcoming spaces where students are encouraged to be brave, to let their stories inform their art, and to play in paint together. 

Becky is represented by the Artistic Portland Art Gallery and her work has been featured in exhibitions at the Helzer Gallery, Cambium Gallery, Radius Gallery, Om Base Gallery, as well as Quartz, a multimedia arts 
magazine. Her paintings have been purchased for the City of Portland Public Art Collection. Additionally, she has a licensing partnership with the online platform iCanvas. 

She lives and creates in Portland, Oregon. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beckyjoanspringer/
Website: https://www.beckyjoanspringer.com/ 


Jacqueline Sullivan

 Jacqueline Sullivan expresses her creativity through mixed-media, acrylic, and calligraphic paintings and books. Her works are unique expressions of adventure and discovery, each piece experimenting with texture, layers, color, unusual materials, calligraphic marks, and words. In addition to technical precision, personal artistic development is intrinsic to her practice. She earns her living as an artist educator as well as maintaining an active studio practice to develop personal work.
In her 30 years of teaching, Jacqueline has developed and presented many classes. She is a certified GOLDEN Artist Educator, making her a specialist on acrylic products and techniques. She is a member of the education teams for Marabu Creative, Ampersand and Silver Brush. Her workshops are multi-disciplined and given online as well as at top art retreats and for art, book arts, fiber and calligraphy guilds and conferences in the US , Canada and Europe.
Jacqueline’s work has appeared in many publications, including Astarte’s Mega-Zine, Cloth Paper Scissors, Pages, and Somerset Studio, as well as many calligraphic journals. Her work has been published in Acrylic Works 4: Captivating Color the Best of Acrylics. And Acrylic Works 6: Creative Energy, the Best of Acrylics both published by Northlight books. Her bestselling DVD, Acrylics: Textures, Layers, and Metallics, is published by Creative Catalyst Productions.
Jacqueline has a degree in graphic design, working for many years as a publication, marketing, and advertising designer. She is the recipient of top national awards for the fashion publications that she designed. She uses her knowledge of graphic design to help her students improve their paintings. She paints and lives in Cincinnati, OH.  


Kate Thompson

Kate's experience as a fiber artist was working with fabric and fiber to create abstract 3-dimensional forms. In 2009 she started painting and hasn't stopped since. Her current work is the combination of the two disciplines. Using watercolors, acrylics, inks and pastels she paints on substrates such as layered vintage linens, fabrics, laces, plaster, paper and wood. The portrait or figure is the focal point and she works at creating images that parallel her spiritual and personal life.
She teaches art online and on location. She is as passionate about teaching as she is creating. The creative process is where all the energy is and she loves and gets energized by sharing her artistic journey.
To learn more about Kate visit her at:


Dina Wakley

Dina’s colorful, expressive style is anchored by her design hallmark, the creative use of white space. Her personal, organic design aesthetic strikes a balance between “artsy” and “classic”.
Dina is a mixed-media artist and teacher. She loves everything about art: creating it, thinking about it, looking at it, and teaching it. She has been scrapbooking since 1995, stamping since 1996, and art journaling since 2004. She believes in writing yourself down, expressing yourself, and making your mark on the world. As a Ranger Signature Designer, Dina designs a line of mixed-media art supplies that includes acrylic paints, mediums, brushes, rubber stamps, stencils, and more.


Dianne Westerlund

I have made approx. 600 journals in the past 8 years.
I have taught girls from age 6 to 96..... to make these easy , yet fun and functional journals. They all loved their finished projects !
I love to make, teach , sell and gift these journals!


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