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Unpacking Pattern

Jane Davies
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday & Friday Feb 18/19

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$ 340  

Pattern can be seductive. It is relatively easy to make beautiful patterns from very basic tools. The simplest mark, repeated over and over, unfolds like magic, into a beautiful design, like weaving cloth. When using pattern in your art, however, it can be a challenge to make images that are not “too busy” or visually confusing. Why is it so hard to make gorgeous art when all the materials are so beautiful?

This class is designed to help you get a handle on pattern, in terms of scale, density, and degree of contrast. This will help you make clearer decisions when using pattern in collage and painting. We’ll begin by creating our own patterns on paper, using acrylic paint and drawing tools. Then we will use those papers in collage and explore a broader range of pattern applications in painting.

Materials Fee $5 paid at beginning of class includes:

 • Paper for painting patterns
• A few printed papers to share
• Duralar for creating overlays

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• Paper for substrate: I recommend Blick Bristol Pad, 9”x12”, but you can use any good sturdy paper at a similar size. 12 – 15 sheets should be plenty.
• Acrylic paint: professional quality paints such as Golden Fluid Acrylics (not high-flow), supplemented by student-grade paints. Bring all of your colors; small bottles are enough.
• White paint: I recommend Blick Matte Acrylic white, in the 8 oz bottle.
• Paint markers (not sharpies); I use Posca Pens, available at Amazon or Blick. For finer line work, Pitt Pens are great.
• Stamps - handmade or purchased (optional)
• Stencils (optional)
• Disposable Palette: pad of paper style, 9”x12”
• Brushes: a variety of decent quality brushes, some flat, ½” – 1”, some round if you like.
• Acrylic Matte Medium: Utrecht brand, available at Blick, is best for using as adhesive in collage.
• Acrlyic glazing medium/liquid: this helps keep your paint wet longer
• A stash of patterned papers – these can include your own hand-painted papers as well as purchased and found papers. Make sure to include mostly opaque papers, not all deli paper and tissue (though those can be useful too).
• Optional but useful: a Catalyst “wedge”, to use as a squeegee in collage. A credit card is an adequate substitute.
• Scissors
• Optional: make-up sponges for applying paint

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