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From Chaos to Finished

Jacqueline Sullivan
9:00 - 4:30
Tuesday June 22

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$ 170  

Every painting, especially abstracts, evolves as we work with it. Some people say that there are three stages that every painting goes through, the beginning, middle and end. For this class, we will start painting quickly and abstractly and without a plan, while trying not to think too much. This should result in total chaos on our substrates. Moving on to stage two, we’ll start moving slower. We’ll think more and do some analysis of what we have done. We’ll choose what to keep and what to paint over. At this point, we’ll start thinking about composition and other design elements. And, hopefully by the end of the day, we’ll move into stage three and complete the painting. Students will learn about refining their ideas, letting go of frustration and judgement. We’ll talk about how to make the final decisions about what to keep and what to let go.

$15 Materials Fee Paid to Instructor at Beginning of Class Includes:

? Brushes – 1” flat brush, I prefer Golden Taklon Fiber. Please no wash brushes
? Water container – 16 to 32 oz plastic for rinsing brushes
? Palette Pad or Styrofoam plates for palettes or heavy duty water proof paper plates
? Small bottle of gesso
? Small bottle of fluid matte medium (or gloss if you prefer)
? Any stencils that you might have (some will be provided)
? Paper towels

and the Instructor will also provide for your use:

? Ampersand Gesso Boards to work on
? Fluid Acrylic Paints to share
? Stamps and stencils to share
? Other misc. media and tools.
? Hand outs
? Single Edged Razor Blades


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