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Fiber Web Painting

Sandra Duran Wilson
9:00 - 4:30
Tuesday Feb 16

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$ 170  

Student Level: all levels. The beginner as well as advanced learners will discover new techniques.
Prerequisites: None

I have discovered over the past two decades of teaching that many artists stick with what they know and they don’t venture too far from that. In order to grow and experience more adventure in painting even advanced painters need to push themselves to discover new techniques. Therefore, I love to place all levels together. The beginners can help the more advanced students see with fresh eyes and the advanced students learn to take an alternative route. I find it a win-win for everyone.
I love this workshop format in that it is about the journey, yet the destination will result in a finished acrylic on panel painting.

Description of workshop:
This unique painting class uses various fibers to move the paint and make implied textural layers. The student will learn how to use transparent colors to create vibrant layers, how to add shadows for depth, unusual ways to incorporate stencils and some other fun painting materials that will be used to add to the composition. You will learn how to add color without covering and what materials to use for texture and opacity. In this course you will learn about color mixing, how to create transparent layers, composition tips and making transparent collage papers. The newcomer to painting will find this mixed media course welcoming and friendly. The advanced student will discover some new ways to add unusual textures to any style of acrylic painting. Even oil and watercolorists can translate these techniques to their preferred style and medium.

Instructor will provide the following supplies to be shared: texture tools, stencils, heat gun, masking tape, collage materials, lustre cremes, paint pens and some assorted ephemera and found objects.

Materials Fee $25 paid at beginning of class includes:

many acrylic paints, mixed media paper, Deli sheets, Gampi tissue, Ampersand painting panel, acrylic pastes, alcohol, crackle pastes, plastic wrap, fabrics and yarns. I provide paints but if you like to have your own next to you please use acrylics. I recommend fluid acrylics.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Golden soft gel gloss-small container
Golden or other brand of gloss medium
Please bring soft synthetic brushes, a set from the craft store for a few dollars will give you a nice selection, a trowel shaped palette knife, container for water, palette paper or plastic plates, paper towels, spray bottle for alcohol, spray bottle for water, scissors, gloves are handy, a pen or pencil. Optional-wax paper for wrapping your acrylics and a heat gun if you have one.



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