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Exploring Composition with Watercolor & Ink

Clarissa Callesen
6:30 - 9:30
Wednesday Eve Feb 17

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$ 95  

Let’s break down that fancy art school word “Composition” and make it our friend. Often Composition lessons are full of examples of the golden mean, rule of thirds and elaborate renaissance paintings. But truly, Composition is simply arranging shapes in space! Many artists already have an intuitive sense of composition. You just know when it looks right. Let’s identify and strengthen that skill. Composition applies to whatever medium or subject you work with it is a fundamental tool for art-making. We will be working with watercolors and ink as quick mediums to explore, but the materials used are secondary to the practice. This is not a class about watercolor technique. This process can be used as an easy daily creative exercise to warm up your creative muscles and simultaneously strengthen a fundamental skill. Even if you feel confident with your knowledge of composition this can be a good review of fundamentals and a fun exercise to add to your creative toolbox.
As an instructor, I am a strong proponent of experimentation and light-heartedness in making art. My job is not to tell you “how to” make art it is to share techniques and support you in finding your unique creative voice.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• A pad of cheap watercolor paper or heavy-duty drawing paper
• A bottle of India ink or black acrylic ink
• A bottle of white acrylic ink
• Pencil
• An assortment of watercolors either tube or palette
• Paintbrushes: assorted sizes and shapes include a tiny detail brush
• A palette for paints and a water container
• Wet wipes or paper towels
• Scissors
• Heat gun and long extension cord (if you own one)

There is no need for your supplies to be expensive. We are sketching and practicing.

• A white pen 
• An assortment of alcohol inks
• Metallic ink or watercolor 
• Favorite colored pencils or pens

P.S. No stressing allowed, it is about the creative process, not the specific supplies. Please email if you have any questions. info@clarissacallesen.com


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