Portland, OR 2021 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Helene Knott
6:30 - 9:30
Thursday Eve June 24

Fabric/Paper Beads

$ 95  


These beads are easy to make as long as you don’t end up gluing them permanently onto the skewer; if fabric isn’t your thing, they can also be made from decorative paper. The finished beads can be embellished with paints, glitter, beads or wire and coated with a sealer if you want a glossy finish or left rough for a primitive look. Your beads can be used to embellish other projects or strung to make into jewelry, dangle from a purse or bag and even used as a zipper pull. Skill Level: Beginner and up 

Materials fee $8 paid directly to instructor at beginning of class includes:
kit includes Styrofoam drying block, skewers, paper and fabrics, decorative cord/wire, beads and use of paints, brushes and PVA glue.

Supplies You Need to Bring to Class in addition to materials provided by instructor:
tweezers, a pair of craft scissors; a rotary cutter, 8” cutting ruler and a medium cutting mat would be helpful but not necessary.

Other Incidental Supplies:
• Lighting: additional lighting may be helpful; a portable Ott light would be appropriate. 
• Extension cords and plug strips (if bringing additional lighting)
• A Pillow: Many venues have less than comfortable chairs, a pillow may help.

Please be courteous to others by arriving for class with the correct supplies. Contact me at helene.m.knott@gmail.com if you have any questions.