Portland, OR 2022 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jacqueline Sullivan
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday March 17

Texture Meets Metal

$ 170  


Students in this class will do some simple metal etching on small squares of copper or brass. These completed metal pieces will then be embedded in a textural surface. Molding paste on cradled panel with stencils will be used to create the textured surface. This surface will be painted with the student's choice of colors. Color theory and composition will be discussed to help students create a beautiful and unusual art piece!

Materials Fee $25 paid at beginning of class includes:

Student kit includes:
2 – 2” x 2” pcs of brass
2 – 2” x 2” pcx of copper
cradled panel
latex gloves
steel wool

Instructor Provided Supplies for sharing:
 Etching Solution
 Containers for etching
 Sta-Zon Stamp pads
 Molding Paste
 Fluid Acrylic Paints
 Plastic Tongs
Packing tape
 And more

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

 2 water containers - 16 oz plastic – must have for rinsing metal
 Paper Towels
 Rubber stamps that fit in a 2” square (deeply etched stamps with somewhat simple designs work best )
 Black sharpie marker (fine tip)
1” Flat Golden Taklon Brush
 Palette Pad or something else to use for palette