Portland, OR 2022 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jacqueline Sullivan
6:30 - 9:30
Wed Eve March 16

Paste Papers

$ 95  


Many people have tried paste papers but are not satisfied with the results. This class will help you to learn the proper techniques for making paste papers with a beautiful, smooth velvety finish. These papers are wonderful for binding books, making boxes, backgrounds for stamping and collages. Because we are using a methyl-cellulose paste the surface is great for writing on – making them good for calligraphy projects or beautiful journal pages!

Students will work with simple color theories to keep their papers brilliant and beautiful. There will be lots of tools on hand for making various patterns and images in the paste!

Handouts for the class will contain many recipes for the various colors of paste. These hand-outs provide the student with a permanent reference tool.


Materials Fee $20 paid at beginning of class includes:

Use of:
 Heavy body acrylic paints
Miscellaneous mark making

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

 3 Sponge Brushes about 1 ½” wide
 2 large water containers – 32 oz plastic
 plastic containers; 4 – 6 yogurt sized or similar containers
 rubber/latex gloves [either medical style or household cleaning style is ok]