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Nature’s Offerings + Collage

Donna Watson
9:00 - 4:30
Sat/Sun March 19-20

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$ 340  

There is a way that nature speaks to us when we take a moment to be quiet, in stillness, to listen. We draw inspiration from our surroundings, when we observe the patterns, textures, marks and layers that occur naturally around us. When one collects, forages and gathers nature and objects from their environment, they gather the history of the place and a connection to it. Whether they find a leaf, a feather, a flower, fern frond, lichen… one can abstract the essence of the place to create something new. We will bring nature inside. Using mono print on a gelli plate, and pressed flowers, leaves, feathers etc…everyone will create nature prints on paper. Through the process of layering paint on collage papers we will replicate the patterns, textures and marks found in nature using found objects from outside on the first day. On the second day, simple elements and principles of design will be introduced along with personal ex-pression and content. Participants will use their hand painted papers to create collages. Everyone will learn how to connect their personal narra-tive to their external surroundings and find out more about themselves along the way.

“I believe that there is a strong connection between nature and one’s self… our identity is tied to our sense of place.” Donna Watson

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Paint: acrylics- soft body OR open acrylics (a slower drying acrylic)
           black, white and 4+ colors of your choice
Brushes: a cheap flat brush for gluing (if using Matte medium)
Matte medium: small jar Acrylic Matte Medium for gluing or glue sticks
Spray bottle: One filled with water
Brayer: Two 2” or 3” rubber brayers (soft if best- not sponge)
Gelli plate 8”x10”
White plastic trash bags 1-2 for drying papers
Water container
Palette: can be paper palette or paper plates
paper towels
gloves: rubber disposable ones
Plant materials: leaves, flowers (pressed is best), fern fronds, moss, lichen, roots, feathers, grasses, flat objects from nature

Paper: white or off white (natural) papers for printing: suggestions:
Rives BFK, Arches cover paper, Mohawk Fine papers, Mulberry Papers,
Korean Hanji Papers. Sources: www.thepapermill.com www.mulberrypaperandmore.com www.hiromipaper.com

OR Paper packets will be available for $15.00

Surfaces for collage: suggestions: canvas, wood support, watercolor paper, illustration board, journal pages (if using paper or journal pages then a glue stick is recommended). 8”x8”, or 10”x10” or 8”x10”. Bring
4-6 of these for collages. recommended to paint wood or canvas supports with white gesso before the workshop

Optional: Own collage papers, own found papers, other washi papers,
rubber stamps with stamp pads, stencils, stamping tools

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