Portland, OR 2022 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jacqueline Newbold
9:00 - 4:30
Wednesday March 16

Playing With Color

$ 170  


In this workshop we will be experimenting with watercolor paints to learn how to successfully mix colors. Color theory and our color wheels will be our guide to choose which colors to combine to create vibrant mixes for our small colorful watercolor studies. Understanding color relationships is the perfect way to create backgrounds for journaling and sketches. We will also explore how simple drawings can be easily transformed into abstract, imaginative paintings reminiscent of a glowing stained-glass window with a technique called glazing. Stained glass is most resplendent when there is light shining through. This is the same with watercolors but in a painting, the light is the white of the paper. Since not all watercolors work this way, you will have fun discovering how to get this beautiful transparent effect with the correct combination of colors. We will use glazing to make colors appear brighter, duller, darker, warmer, and cooler. We will finish our little painting studies by embellishing them with acrylics, pens, and quotes that will make them pop! Knowing how to correctly mix color is useful but also fun and relaxing! All levels welcome.

Materials Fee $12 paid at beginning of class includes:

: extra paints, artist tape, gold leaf pens, acrylic pens, acrylic gold paint, white gouache, inks

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• Top quality watercolor paints (not student grade!)
• Your watercolor palette
• Watercolor brushes in a variety of sizes such as Princeton Brush & Co. Series 4050: round #3, round #8, round #10, ½ inch flat and a liner brush size #2 or #4
• Arches cold press watercolor block 7 x 10 inches
• Pencil and kneaded eraser
• Permanent black ink pen
• A black glaze gel pen by Sakura
• Uni-Ball UM 153 Signo white gel pen
• Color wheel
• Small cotton cloth or washcloth
• Small spray bottle
• Bulldog clip and board to hold loose paper
• Your favorite quotes (optional)

Note about watercolor paint colors: My favorite brands include Daniel Smith, Winsor Newton, Sennelier, and Holbein. Cobalt blue, manganese blue, cerulean blue, French ultra-marine, permanent magenta, permanent rose, French vermilion, quinacridone red, permanent orange, new gamboge or Indian yellow, Hansa or lemon yellow, quinacridone gold, and sap green are always on my palette.
Check out my blog post for ideas of a well-rounded watercolor palette: https://newboldart.com/2017/12/30/a-well-rounded-watercolor-palette/
*website: https://newboldart.com/
* email: newbold0505@bendbroadband.com