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Building Your Stash

Carol Nelson
6:30 - 9:30
Sun Eve March 20

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$ 95  

Is this you? Your studio is a mess and you are in a creative frenzy. You’re all sticky working a mixed media collage masterpiece. AT THIS MOMENT, you need a stash of mixed media papers READY TO GO. Having a stash of previously prepared materials encourages spontaneity in your process and allows the “what if” to happen.

Need inspiration? Sometimes, just going through your stash will get you started on a new project. The sizeable stash in my studio is in 3 containers according to color: warm, cool, and neutral palette.

Special demo: Alcohol 101. I see so many students who don’t know this simple, yet effective, technique.

Join me for a fun evening of making stuff for your stash. I will show you how to create/prepare Tyvek, multilayer monoprints, gloss medium squiggles, textured papers, cheesecloth paper, embossed aluminum foil, shaving cream paper, fiber paper, and more. You will receive instructional handouts for each unique paper you create.

Materials Fee $10 paid at beginning of class includes:

Materials supplied by instructor are Tyvek, red rosin paper, cheesecloth, Golden Fluid acrylic paints to share, texture materials, gesso, stencils, deli paper, embossing folders to share, etc.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Canson 98 lb Mix Media paper, 7x10 inch tablet
 Golden Fluid Acrylic paints (or use the shared paints provided)
 Heavy duty Aluminum foil – a couple sheets, about 8x10, is enough
 Palette knife - 1 or 2 inch blade
  ¾ or 1 inch flat Brush - Nylon suitable for watercolor and acrylic
Paper towels
Can of men’s shaving cream (not gel)
Large 32 oz water container
Spray water bottle
Spray alcohol bottle
Foam plates – at least 10

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