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Fabric Collaged Art Journal

Angela McIntyre
9:00 - 4:30
Sun/Mon March 20-21

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$ 340  

Students will create their very own Fabric Collage Art Journal by learning techniques using a sewing machine, acrylic paints, threads, and embellishments. The instructor will discuss different materials for the book spine such as cork, leather, and vinyl fabrics, and advise on how to use paints to change, add, or enhance colors to better coordinate with fabric collage choices. Students will learn a basic paper signature with pamphlet stitch to bind into the cover. Finally, learn simple techniques to dress up the binding and cover with colorful string, beads, and fiber accents. All students will have access to acrylic paint and awls, and receive a heavy weight canvas fabric base.

These optional kits are available to purchase from the instructor before class:

Base Kit: $12.00 - Bone Folder, Tapestry Needle Set, Binding Bead Needle, watercolor paper & sketch paper for signatures
Book Kit: $15.00 - Fabrics for collaging, spine fabric, accent fabrics (silk, organza), scrapbook paper for signature covers, fabric lining, binding string. I will have several themes and all are different.
Embellishment Kit: $9.00 - Decorative seed beads, beads for binding strings, Decorative yarn, focus beads, silamide beading thread. These will coordinate with the Book Kit themes

Supplies List - If you want to bring all your own supplies you will need:

? Fabrics for collaging - Small pieces equaling approx. ¼ yard
? Motif fabric - cotton
? This will be your main theme. It could be just a gorgeous print that encompasses the colors you want in your cover or something with focal motifs you want to include.
? Coordinates - cottons
? Smaller Focal Prints
? Blenders - tone on tone solid reading
? These do not have to be set coordinates within a fabric line, just fabrics that go well with your main print. They can match, coordinate, contrast, etc.
? Accent pieces
? Silks, sheer fabrics, cork, unusual pieces, even papers can be used here.
? Lining fabric - cotton - Fat Quarter or ? yard.
? Used for the inside of your cover, it should be a coordinate or can also be more of your focal print.
? Spine Material *optional* - Cork, burlap, faux leather, etc. or just an accent fabric from your collection.
? Paper - 9x12 art paper loose or pad - NOT spiral bound.
? Choose a type of paper that will work for what the journal will be used for. Canson XL has really great 9x12 pads in the following. Any brand in any type of paper will work so long as it is a glue bound pad and not a spiral bound pad. You can choose more than one and have a variety of papers to use if you like, but you will only need one pad for class. Most of these pads are 30 pages.
? Watercolor - art journaling with mixed media and watercolors
? Bristol - Color Pencils, pencil and pen drawing
? Sketch - pencil drawing, writing
? Marker - felt art markers
? Tapestry or Ribbon Embroidery Needles
? Eye should be big enough for large binding strings
? Bone Folder - To crease the papers
? Binding String - I tend to use size 3 pearl cotton. You can use two strands of size 5 or 8 if desired, waxed linen, book binding thread, hemp, etc. This should be a heavy strong string.

All students need to bring the following regardless of purchasing a kit:

? Fusible Web - suggested: Steam A Seam II
? Thread - good quality thread for construction.
? Supplies list below OR Kits below. If you do not buy the kit, you will need the items listed, embellishments and embellishment kits are optional.

Optional items you can bring and use

? Beads, embellishments, yarns, buttons, etc.
? Stabilo All pencil or Inktense Pencil in black, dark grey, indigo, dark brown, or other darker color to accent your fabrics.
? Steam a Seam ¼” fusible tape (for holding down small bits of fabric to stitch)
? Washi Tape ¾” or wider to reinforce the folded edge of the signatures.
? Scrapbook Papers, stencils, stamps and pads,


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