Portland, OR 2022 FALL Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Melissa Monroe
9:00 - 4:30
Wed/Thur Oct 19 - 20

Intro to Rug Tufting

$ 340  


Come learn the exciting new craft of machine tufting! Melissa will be teaching the fundamentals of tufting, proper technique, sourcing supplies and finishing options. By using a tufting machine you can quickly create rugs and wall hanging. The tufting machine is like a hand held sewing machine, using pressure against the cloth you will move the machine as the needle inserts the wool yarn in and out of the cloth creating your design. Melissa will share her intuitive process of designing by working to create imagery, color patterns, and texture within the work. She welcomes students who have a specific design in mind as well as students who are starting from a blank slate!

Students will be provided with all materials, tools, and knowledge necessary to create a tufted rug. Each student will have their own station with tufting frame, cloth, loop pile machine, and scissors. A wide range of colors will be available to choose from for your project, all 100% wool rug yarn. There will be a couple projectors available to trace a simple design the student brings with them or they may work intuitively. Loop pile machines will be available to each student to use for their project after a lecture and demonstration. Cut pile machine with be demonstrated and lectured but not available for this workshop.

Each student will leave this class with a 2ft x 2ft tufted rug and a final demonstration that teaches students how to complete different backing techniques at home. Tufting guns and frames will be available to purchase for any students who would like to continue crafting at home.

You may bring your own yarn to use if you would like but either way the supply fee is required. Any yarn will work in the loop pile tufting machine however rug wool is what needs to be used to make it long lasting rug. If you you are making a wall hanging you can bring any type of yarn from home to include in the project.

Tufting does take some strength and you will be required to stand while using some arm strength during the workshop. The machine is about two pounds and you have to hold it up and push against the cloth. If you have mobility issues and are concerned about your ability to complete the project please contact me to discuss.

Materials Fee $ 75 paid at beginning of class includes:

100% rug wool yarn, many colors to choose from
tufting cloth
backing glue

Optional items:

yarn from home