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Birds Gone Wild

Leighanna Light
9:00 - 4:30
Sat Oct 22

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$ 180  

Not quite sure what to do with the mounds of junk....oops...I mean, treasures that have been accumulating in your studio?  Have you been afraid to use that vintage tin, saving it for the “perfect” project?  Well dig it all up & bring it to this class, where we will create the wackiest flock of birds you’ve ever seen!
Add to your cold connecting, assemblage & composition skills, but most of all, learn how to let go of perfection, let loose & have a blast!  You will leave with at least 3 totally unique, one of a kind birds. (the birds that you make in class can be any size, depending on the metal that you bring. Most are 8” x 5”

$15 supply fee paid to instructor at beginning of class includes

 bird templates, sandpaper, some found objects, wire to hang birds, nuts, bolts & use of all tools and consumables. 

I will be bringing a few extra hammers, bench blocks, clamps, metal punches if you don’t mind sharing.

Supply List needed to bring

Please read the supply list NOW and collect your supplies early. You may have to
order some things online, especially tin, so please allow plenty of time for this. I do not sell extra supplies in class. You may not be able to complete the project in class if you do not bring what is listed on the supply list. If you have trouble finding anything, or if you have any questions, please contact me at least two week prior to class at
These are my favorite for cutting thinner metal
-SCISSORS for cutting paper
-CRAFT WIRE, Black or neutral color, around 22 gauge
-GLOVES to protect your hands from sharp metal
-VINTAGE TINS- in a variety of colors & textures. Size depends on how large
you want your bird to be.... we will be cutting these up. Most of my birds that
you see in the sample photos are 8 x 5”. In addition to your other tin, please
bring at least 3 flat pieces of tin at least 7x12” to be used for the body of your
bird. The best place to find tin is from a thrift/ antique store, or on E-bay, so
start looking early. Thinner metal is easier it is to work with.
-STUFF! Buttons, beads, metal scraps, charms, rulers, lace, game pieces,
fibers are just a few examples. Think about objects to use for legs, wings,
eyes, or hats, as well as objects to decorate your new winged friend with.
-A CROP-A-DILE or METAL PUNCH- if you have one (if you don’t know
what this is, don’t buy one)
-EAR PLUGS- if it’s a large class, it can get quite loud!
I will be bringing a few extra hammers, bench blocks, clamps, metal punches if
you don’t mind sharing.

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