Portland, OR 2022 FALL Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Ruth Greening
9:00 - 4:30
Wed Oct 19

The Metalsmith Challenge

$ 170  


Are you ready to show us your skill, imagination and creativity? Well ….What Would You Design?
This fun class is for advanced beginner to advanced metalsmith students. The challenge is each participant will be given the exact same box of supplies (the list will be provided prior to the class so you have some time to plan). You are allowed to add one ‘wildcard’ item of your choosing (which you supply) and you may eliminate two items in the box if you do not wish to use them.
You are free to create jewelry or sculptures of your design. We will then put these great creations out on display and the rest of the Art & Soul Retreat participants will vote for their favorite pieces. There will be prizes, surprises and bragging rights for the winners!
So… are you up for a fun day of creative challenge?! Registration will be limited to 10 participants so don’t hesitate to sign up as soon as possible!
Participant supply list: bench pin with v slot and clamp (Otto Frei 113.361) Steel Bench block, (towel or rubber mat to soften sound), jewelers saw with 2/0 blades, flat file with medium cut (#2). Basic jeweler’s tools, flat nose, chain nose and round pliers, chasing hammer, fine tweezers, soft brass brush (Otto Frei 116.310), flush cut wire cutters.
Also helpful: machinist 2” or 4” square, Value Line jig vise (Otto Frei 126.485 or 126.487), Optivisor or other vision help Texture hammer or steel stamps.

Challenge fee includes a $75 package of  of metals and materials for the challenge and the use of:

torch and fuel, solder, pickle and all equipment necessary for cleaning and polishing finished pieces. I will also be available for limited help; I will not assist in design or construction. This is all you, so let it shine!!