Portland, OR 2022 FALL Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Helene Knott
9:00 - 4:30
Friday Oct 21

Hand Embroidered Sugar Skulls

$ 175  


These colorful embellished skulls, called Calaveras, are the traditional decoration for Dia de Los Muertos – The Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. Held on our ‘All Souls Day’ (November 2), The Day of the Dead is a celebration of life as well as honoring the memory of the dead. Altars (called Ofrendas) are set up to departed loved ones and offerings of food, drink and flowers placed upon them. Kits will be available.
Please be courteous to others by arriving for class with the correct supplies. Contact me at 503-631-8806 or helene.m.knott@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Materials fee $15 paid directly to instructor at beginning of class includes:

Optional ‘Bling’ Bag - $10: Basic Kit includes felt, 5 skeins floss, stabilizer, fiberfill, and a crewel embroidery needle. Bling Bag includes seed beads, sequins, a dangle charm, Nymo/Silamide thread, a bead tray, and a beading needle. 

Supplies You Need to Bring to Class if you do NOT purchase the kit:

• White or cream colored and black felt: Light-weight felt or felted wool can be used if stabilized with a product like Form-Flex. An 8” x 12” piece of white/cream will be enough to make 2 skulls; scraps of black (for eyes and nose) will be sufficient.
• Hand embroidery and beading needles: A package of embroidery needles in assorted sizes. For beading, small (size #10) hand appliqué needles will work for most seed beads or buy beading needles.
• Embroidery floss: Six strand floss in choice of colors (the more the merrier), pearl cotton, rayon embroidery floss and metallic embroidery threads may also be desirable.
• Beads and/or sequins (optional): You can add some bling if you want or limit the designs to hand embroidered threads.
• A bead tray (optional): This is a small triangular tray you can put your beads in while working, you can also use a small, shallow lid from yogurt or a beading mat.
• Beading thread: Nymo thread is most commonly used but strong hand quilting thread will also work for many beads. NOTE: You will need this only if adding beaded embellishment.
• Fiberfil: A small amount of Fiberfil to stuff the ornament after sewing.
• Thin ribbon or #3 Pearl Cotton: to make hanging loops.
• Charms and/or small tassels: Optional but nice to add to your finished ornament.

Other  Tools & Supplies:

• One small sheet of template plastic.
• Scissors for cutting plastic (utility) and embroidery/craft scissors
• 6” – 7” embroidery hoop (optional) - some stitchers like to hoop, others do not.
• Chalk marking pencil or a dark Frixion pen and a Sharpie® permanent marker.
• Purple Thang™: Optional but this will be very helpful for stuffing the ornaments, a blunt pencil
• Lighting: additional lighting may be helpful; a portable Ott light would be appropriate. 
• Extension cords and plug strips (if bringing additional lighting)
• A Pillow: Many venues have less than comfortable chairs, a pillow may help.