Portland, OR 2022 FALL Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Tina Haller
9:00 - 4:30
Thur Oct 20

The Depth of Trees

$ 170  


Layers of technique with MIXED MEDIA

Join me for a day of creativity learning how to layer paper and paint to complete this mixed media tree scene. I will teach the basics of layering paper and paint along with a few techniques to help build depth and drama in your tree art. No experience needed.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

-Assorted paint brushes: 1.5 inch, 1 inch and a small detailed brush.
-1 Wood canvas approx. 14 inches tall. MDF board also works great.
- Small jar of Matte Medium.
-Golden acrylic paints of your choice, including black and three or more of your favorite colors. My favorites are Nickel Azo gold, Buff, Metallic gold, and many shades of blue.
-Inks are a way to bring layers as well. Bring a few for layers of color in the trees and background.
-Apron if you wish.
-Paper towels or cloth.
-Paint pallet or paper plate
-Small bowl for Matte Medium.
-Black paint pen in medium thickness


If you choose you may bring your own sheet music or tear outs from old books for the background layer. You can also print out words on paper that you may want to use as we build up the back ground.

My info for further questions TinaBasich@aol.com