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The Art of Destruction

Donna Downey
9:00 - 4:30
Wed Oct 26

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$ 180  

The Art of Destruction embraces the beauty in the broken. Challenges the creative process to find an alternative path and encourages the artist to make new decisions that abandon expectation.

Over the years my style has changed, many of you were right there changing courses with me, but my art did not evolve until I changed my thinking. I did not want to let fear stop me in my creative process so I taught myself to walk straight through the fire of doubt and lean into the process. I learned to break the habit of creative submission and embraced the Art of Destruction.

In this workshop we will use black and white elements of contrast to define space and variations of broken lines to make connections. The process is simple...paint, destroy, repeat. I will share with you how breaking free of barriers can open your creativity to more possibilities.

Put an end to overthinking and overworking
Take back your creative power by permission to change course.
Experiment with the ideas, tools & medias that helped me break the cycle of expectation over expression
Identify the “why” and the “what” that is stopping your creative success
You have the power to change the course of your work through embracing the art of destruction and I want to help make incorporating a looser and freer movement into your style.  

Students will need the following supplies for class:
8x10 or larger framed canvas. (search your attic or Goodwill for a frame) however this project is not dependent on a frame it is totally optional. If choosing to opt out of the frame size up to an 11x14 canvas.
Mixed-media or watercolor weight paper or journal. Any size or orientation.
Carbon black Heavy body & fluid Acrylic
Bone Black heavy body & fluid acrylic
Titanium White Heavy Body Acrylic
Parchment (liquitex) or Titan Buff (Golden) Heavy Body Acrylic
Black pen (this is my FAVORITE BIC Cristal Xtra Bold Ballpoint Stick Pen, Black Ink
Stabilo-All Pencils in black, white & red
1 or 2 favorite stamps (foam stamps work best) and stencils
Collage bits (possible ideas: book text, washi tapes, maps, fabric scraps junk mail, etc)
Favorite paint brushes
A couple fun objects of art destruction, lol (possible ideas: palette knife, brayer, old gift card, catalyst wedge or tools, scrapers, etc)
Painters tape or masking tape
Matte medium or adhesive
Brush bucket for water
Baby wipes
Paper towels 

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