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Mindful Offerings

Anni Schwabe
6:30-9:30 & 9:00 - 4:30
Sun Eve/Mon Oct 23-24

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$ 275  

We will be using only elements from the Earth (gypsum, clay, rust, metal, wood, and tea bags to name a few) to create our ‘Offerings’ wall hanging.
We will start out by creating panels of plaster, not excluding shapes other than rectangles. We will experiment with making 3-D items out of plaster wrap. In my project a moon, a leaf, a boat, a platter, etc., are samples of 3-D items we can make in this class. Day two will consist of setting eyelets and arranging panels into a wall hanging. The next and final step is to artistically design each panel to express one mindful art piece.
We all need to become more ‘mindful’ when it comes to the environment that naturally surrounds us. I have devoted over twenty-five years (and counting) to conservation, and it is with this mindset that I created this class.

Bring your own mindful ideas but leave your carbon footprint at home.

Supply Fee- $20 payable to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Mold making supplies, hemp and other fibers, dowel rods, beads, thread, hole punch, eyelets/tools, paint, tea bags, extra of everything.

Please bring to class:
Please bring: a package of plaster wrap (available at craft stores and Amazon), tacky glue, any small, light-weight natural elements (feathers, shells, small acorns, seeds etc.), watercolor and brushes, an awl, an eyelet setter if you have one, scissors
Optional: Small beads, a stick from nature, about 12” long, 1/2” around, and an apron to protect clothing from wet plaster.

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