Portland, OR 2022 FALL Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Weina Dinata
Tue AFT Oct 25

Native Plant Table Top Garden

$ 95  


Come learn about the beauty and importance of Pacific Northwest native plants for our local habitat while you create a unique sustainable tabletop mini-habitat garden.
In this hands-on class you’ll use a repurposed lamp globe to house your new native plant and express its natural woodland habitat through basic plant design approaches integrated with flower arrangement techniques using natural and fun elements, such as moss, woodchips, branches, and faux bird or insect additions.
During class we’ll discuss what native plants are and explore their versatility and benefits, such as their important role for our local declining populations of birds and insects.
You’ll walk away with a woodland tabletop garden and be inspired and empowered with lots of information and resources on how to help our local habitat, even if you’re an apartment dweller or a renter without garden space! You can be the steward for our habitat wherever you live!

Materials Fee $20  paid at beginning of class includes:

• Repurposed lamp globe with base and drainage assembled (a variety of lamp globes)
• PNW native woodland
• Organic soil
• Rocks for drainage
• Native greeneries
• Natural elements like moss, woodchips, and branches
• Decorative elements like faux birds and insects like ladybugs and butterflies
• Decorative ceramic mushrooms by a local artist
• A hand-out of important information about native plants, tips, resources, and care instruction