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Everything AND The Kitchen Sink Art Journaling

Clarissa Callesen
9:00 - 4:30
Sun/Mon April 16-17

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$ 365  

Let’s grab everything and the kitchen sink and go on an art journaling adventure. There are a lot of ideas about what art journaling is and isn’t. Is it junk journaling? Is it scrapbooking? Is it a sketchbook? Does it have to have words in it? Do I need to know how to draw? What’s the point? What do you do with them? Etc…
Art journaling is a safe creative place for you to be you! A place to experiment and support your creative journey. There are no limits on art journaling. Art Journaling is what you need it to be. It is collage, it is painting, it is journaling, it is doodling, it is sewing, stapling, and ripping. Most importantly, it is fun and nurturing to you as a creative soul. I have been art journaling off and on throughout my 25 years of being an artist. My art journals have become a record of my journey and still bring me delight when I look through them.
I want to share with you my chaos journaling process. We will be trying a little bit of everything. I have some easy fun hacks to create your own original imagery, so your journal doesn’t look like everyone else’s on Instagram. We will work with some easy transfer techniques. Use tracing paper as a tool for creating unique imagery. Incorporating new Gelli plate techniques. We will be exploring all the fun things you can add to an art journal: metal tape, fabric, ribbon, beads, garbage, found objects, and maybe even the kitchen sink if we can get it to fit. ;) Explore creating narratives, using words, and journaling. We will have two full days to dive into this delicious process.
Now, what if working in an art journal isn’t your thing but you want to create rich textured collages. All these techniques work great on loose sheets of paper to create individual works of art as well. My job as an instructor is not to tell you what the right way for you is to create it is to offer techniques, exercises, and support for you to make YOUR work.
Important note this class is not about constructing journals. You will be working in already made journals or on loose paper.

Materials Fee $20 paid at beginning of class includes:

15 years of collected collage paper and weird shit to share with you.
Fabric and fibers
Embroidery floss and needles
Walnut ink
India ink
Metallic acrylic paints
Water-soluble graphite
Stabilio pens
Texture tools
Tracing paper
Various tapes
Transfer materials
Staplers and staples
Wet wipes

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• More than one journal to work in. They can be brand new, commercially made, or handmade. They can be already started. The choice is yours. The only suggestion is to choose something that has sturdy paper.
• If you don’t want to work in a journal,  bring some good quality mixed media or watercolor paper. 
• An assortment of acrylic paints from different manufacturers. We are looking to experiment with different qualities of paint: include some cheap craft paints, transparent paint, heavy-bodied paint, and perhaps that strange paint you don’t know what to do with. Make sure to include a black and white.
• Modge Podge or Matte Gel medium
• Scissors
• A decent collection of collage papers. Think outside the box. A selection of things that speak to you.
Ideas: garbage off the ground, product packaging, photocopies of old photos, receipts, junk mail, envelopes, stickers, temporary tattoos, tags, vintage letters, rice paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, coloring book pages, colored cellophane, cardboard, and whatever else your brilliant mind comes up with
• A palette and water container
• Your favorite pens or pencils for mark-making
• Flat found objects to collage with. Ideas: feathers, confetti, eggshells, fabric, charms, buttons, puzzle pieces, lace, dried flowers or leaves, sequins, craft foam, and whatever fabulous thing you come up with.


• Heat gun and extension cord
• Watercolors or colored ink
• Stamps and ink pads
• A small assortment of beads
stapler and staples 


P.S. No stressing allowed, it is about the creative process, not the specific supplies. Please email if you have any questions. info@clarissacallesen.com


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