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Happiness is an Inside Job Oracle Deck

Jen Cushman
9:00 - 4:30
Wed April 19

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$ 185  

Each day and every moment we have a choice in our lives to be happy or sad or angry. We’re always thinking as human beings and our thoughts produce a full range of feelings and emotions. These thoughts and feelings prompt our actions.
Thoughts literally create things.

What would your life be like if every day you wake up and choose happiness, or peace or joy or contentment? What if you could train your mind like your exercise your muscles to become strong enough to see the good in nearly every situation?
What if creating a joy{full} – as in full of joy – personal happiness oracle card deck could be just the creative push to seek and see the good in life?

Join me for a fun-filled workshop to create your very own personalized oracle card deck that speaks directly to your heart. As the artist, you will create your watercolor backgrounds and then layer on words and imagery to design artful pieces of wisdom that you can use daily to check in with yourself. Think of your deck as a handmade weather gauge of what your soul needs to know.

My simple hand-drawn images were important to me in the making of this deck because I plan to produce my joyful deck for others to purchase and use for intuitive inspiration. Collage is my happy place medium, but I knew using other people’s images would hinder my ability to commercially print my own deck. I took a big deep breath and started drawing, letting go of all judgement and getting into my childlike, wonder-filled mind. Guess what? I love what I created because it’s whimsical, lighthearted and uplifting. It’s also 100% me.

If you can’t draw do not let this miniscule detail stop you from taking this workshop if it’s calling to you. I’ll be bringing a large supply of ready-made stickers and cool collage materials for you to use in the creation of your deck, along with instruction of how to artfully combine all the elements. Each student will also be supplied with a cheat sheet of hand drawn elements and tracing paper to transfer the lines onto your watercolor backgrounds. In addition, you’re welcome to bring imagery that personally speaks to you and is in harmony with your artistic aesthetic. I promise you no two decks in this workshop will be alike and that’s the point.

It helps to come with an open mind, no preconceived notions or expectations other to have fun and enjoy being thoroughly, creatively YOU.

 Materials Fee $15 paid at beginning of class includes:

22 pieces of premium watercolor paper pre-cut to 3.5 X 5.25 of standard oracle card deck size
Color Burst premium watercolor powders by Ken Oliver
Plenty of unique collage images, word phrases and positive affirmations to choose from
Fun and colorful washi tape
Cheat sheet of hand drawn images to trace from
Tracing paper
Plain linen drawstring bag for your completed deck

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Markers (Instructor is enjoying and used 18 count Illustration Markers found at the store Five Below)
Gold and Silver metallic markers
A couple paintbrushes for watercolor
Small watercolor tin if you have it or small paint palette
Glue stick (Instructor prefers and uses Coccoina Glue Stick made in Italy and available in the US)
Brayer if you have one or credit card or hotel keycard if gluing down collage images

The following not necessary but nice for personalization:

Colorful washi tape
Any words or phrases that you enjoy
Your favorite rubber stamp images or alphabet stamps + black ink pad

Click here for a printable page

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