Portland, OR 2023 Registration is NOW OPEN

The Vibrant and Colorful Painter

Donna Downey
9:00 - 4:30
Sat/Sun April 15-16

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$ 365  

Flowers! Honestly when I paint flowers I feel empowered. They can be any shape, size, color, abstract or simple. However, the true magic of painting flowers happens when the artist embraces the simple techniques I will share with you in this course.
Like abstract art, I believe we emote as floral painters by the brushmarks and the intensity of color we leave on the canvas. I will teach you how to make the painted marks emerge as bold blooms, the layered strokes become simplified petals and the apply color to create vibrations of energy that reach beyond the surface and differentiate your work from the ordinary.
I will guide you to paint freer and more confidently as color, composition and form transform into fluid movement across your canvas.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

? Heavy Body Acrylic paints (any and all colors welcome!!)
? Two 16x20 canvases
? Paper surface or art journal - these could be in an art journal, smaller canvases, paper,
etc. this is where we can practice and explore color.
? Variety of brushes (whatever you have on hand)
? Fun Non-traditional painting tools to try. (ie. Key cards, palette knives, catalyst wedge,
? Sta-Wet Palette
? Extra heavy gel medium (OPtionali like to use this to thicken my acrylics)
? Open Medium (OPtional I like to use this to extend the drying time of my acrylics)
? Sta-Wet Palette or Palette Paper
? Brush bucket
? Palette knife
? Baby wipes and paper towels
? Tabletop easel (optional)

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