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Mixed Media Abstracts

Donna Downey
9:00 - 4:30
Mon April 17

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$ 180  

Color, Collage & Pattern!!!!
This is like the creative g-spot for a mixed media artist like me!  Whether it is scrolling through an social media, surfing Pinterest or creating in my own studio, a well executed layered collage, bold mix of colors and a great design will stop me in my tracks and make me exclaim, “YES!” everytime.  For many creaties knowing how to connect strong elements like these in their work can be a struggle. The “What should I do next?” vs. “What if I mess it up?” inner dialogue is real and it can make us stop short of finding our own “YES!” moments.  In this course we will spend the afternoon together taking a deeper dive into color harmonies, collage composition and using pattern to create movement in your work.  And yes, abstracts are without rules, but with a little good solid direction an okay design can become a spectacular “YES!” moment.  So It’s time to break into your hoard of beloved stencils, dust off those favorite stamps and dig into that drawer of collage & ephemera we have abstracts to make!!

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

? Any size heavy weight paper or journal up to 11x14 (I like working on paper
because I don't have to wait for the pages to dry)
? stencils
? Stamps
? Pencils (anything that makes a line, in any and all media. Whatever, you have
works and I will be sharing and demoing ideas for a bunch.)
? Acrylic paint (fluid or heavy body in any colors)
? Some fun color harmonies to try:
? Pink & Orange: Medium Magenta & Quin Nickel Azo Gold
? Fun Teal Triad: Cobalt Teal, Light Violet, Yellow Ochre
? Red Analogous triad: Napthol Red, Light Magenta, Quinacridone
Burnt Orange
? Blue Compound Complementary: Light Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt
Turquoise, Titan Buff, Yellow Oxide, Nickel Azo Yellow
? Or a simple Favorite Mix: Ultramarine Blue, Titan Pale
? Gesso (You can pre gesso if you would like.)
? Artist tape or painters tape
? A couple favorite paintbrushes

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