Portland, OR 2023 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Ruth Greening
9:00 - 4:30
Friday April 14

Tiny Boxes

$ 185  


There is nothing more fascinating to me than seeing a little box with the lid closed. I am compelled to pick it up and open it!
Let’s get together and make tiny boxes to sit on a table, hold a tiny treasure or maybe even wear as a tiny pendant!
In this metalsmith class you will learn about hinges, making sharp perfect corners and a hidden latch to keep the lid closed….until someone like me just has to open it!!
Skill level: advanced beginner, familiar with sawing and soldering

Kit fee of $ 50 paid in cash to instructor at beginning of class includes:
Copper sheet for box (I will also have silver available for purchase) brass tubing and wire for hinge. I will provide for use in class butane fuel, solder, pickle and all equipment necessary for cleaning and polishing finished boxes. Written instructions

Supplies needed to bring to class:
bench pin with v slot and clamp (Otto Frei 113.361) Steel Bench block, (towel or rubber mat to soften sound), jewelers saw with 2/0 blades, flat file with medium cut (#2). Basic jeweler’s tools, flat nose, chain nose and round pliers, chasing hammer, fine tweezers, soft brass brush (Otto Frei 116.310), flush cut wire cutters.
Also helpful: machinist 2”or 4” square, Value Line jig vise (Otto Frei 126.485 or 126.487), Optivisor or other vision help