Portland, OR 2023 Registration is NOW OPEN

Spirit Wands/Talking Sticks

Kat Kirby
6:30 - 9:30
Mon Eve April 17

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$ 100  

A Spirit Wand can be used as a meditation tool, art piece, healing stick, or for whatever purpose you would like to call into your life. In a way, when we begin creating this wand, we set an intention for its use, which "programs" it for the specific purpose.  The Talking Stick is a First Nations custom used when people are discussing an issue or topic. Only the person with the talking stick has the right to speak. It helps slow down our minds and just listen, as we know we won't be speaking until we get the talking stick. There is no talking over someone else. It makes us aware that conversation includes talking, thinking, and listening.  Meditative and fun, we will infuse our sticks with an intention, a wish, a poem, or an affirmation. This will serve as the base layer, before we add our yarns, washi tapes, paints, feathers, charms, beads, crystals and more, to create this beautiful and powerful wand.  I will show you how to meditatively wrap your stick with yarns and ribbons, including using a simple pattern to give it more texture and interest.
A simple closing ritual will bring our creations to life, and you will leave with a very special art piece 

Materials Fee $20 paid at beginning of class includes:

Washi Tape
Ribbons, string, thread
Paints and brushes
Supplies to share

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

A stick, any size between 6” - 12” ideally.
Found items from nature
Special charms, beads, crystals, or other items you wish to add to your piece
A glue stick
Container for water
Paper towels

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