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Scratching the Surface

Stephanie Lee
9:00 - 4:30
Sun April 16

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$ 185  

Join me as we loosely explore visual story-telling and dream recalling specifically
through loose and unrestricted mark making. We will create studies in texture and color
on various surfaces, scratching away at the surfaces of each layer as they build on each
The focus of this workshop will be on experimenting with various surface-altering
techniques with the versatile and basic art mediums we have on hand, and then
finishing the pieces with luminous layers of encaustic to create a dreamlike quality to
work that cannot be achieved with a brush and collage alone.
At the end of the workshop, you will have multiple studies and various works of art
completed or nearly complete to install in a place of honor exactly as they are or to
incorporate into future works of art.

Materials Fee $10 cash paid at beginning of class includes:

generous supply of plasters and plaster products, encaustic medium, extra
substrates, paper and ephemera, and other various mediums including paints, gel
mediums, etc


Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

- Basic art supplies such as scissors, craft knife, pencil or other drawing tools that
you like to work with, water container for rinsing brushes, rag or paper towels,
- Five or more substrates of your choice (8”x10” or smaller is recommended to be
able to work as many as possible and for ease of traveling with.These can be
cradled artist panels, pieces of plywood, masonite, book covers, canvas boards,
etc. that are rigid surfaces (not paper).
- Your favorite brand and colors of acrylic paints, to include titanium white and raw
umber or Van Dykes Brown.
- Soft, regular, or heavy gel medium or PVA glue of your choice and brush to apply
it. I love using Liquitex Heavy Gel Matte Medium.
- A variety of inexpensive artist brushes, including: fine tip, filbert, wider brush (2?
or so), and an angle brush. Also bring whatever brushes you most like to work
- Various tools for scratching, scraping and creating texture, such as awl, old
pencils, hair combs, etc. Look around your house!
- 10-12 photocopied images (laser or toner, not inkjet) in a mix of black and white,
and color. Black and white images are fine on cheap copy paper, made at a
library or on an older machine. Just don’t use inkjet home printer images. You
can fill a whole paper with one image or a collage of images that you can cut out
and apply to smaller substrates.

- collage papers and ephemera
- face mask if you are extra sensitive to scent or mild fumes
- heat gun or hair dryer
- wet wipes
- Brayer

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