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Rewriting Image Stories

Stephanie Lee
9:00 - 4:30
Tue April 18

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$ 185  

Before online vaults of inspirational pictures were accessible at the click of a mouse,
there were magazines and printed photographs. Full color, curated images that we’d
treat ourselves to thumbing through at the end of a busy day.
In this class, we’re going to reconnect with the printed images to incorporate magazine
images to create pops of color and visual texture in a way that can be tricky to create
from scratch. I’ll show you how to approach a page as a study of sorts to conjure up
sweet vignettes of color and form from magazine images that are totally transformed
from their original state. If you are drawn to images you see in magazines and aren’t
sure how to use them or if you love using images but want to learn new ways to alter
them to be more original to you and your style, this class offers both for you to create
intriguing visual interest and focus with the found magazine images you love.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Basic art supplies such as your favorite brushes, scissors, ruler, wet wipes, rags,
pencils, etc.
- Magazine pages
- Black and white copies of some of your magazine pages
- Your favorite collage glue (I like Liquitex Matte Gel or Matte Medium)
- Your favorite artist paints - I always like to have a heavy bodied Titanium White
on hand as well as a mix of latex house paint and various acrylic paints.
- Mark-making or scratching tools (I like a sharp awl or clay working tool)

- Transparent collage ephemera such as tissue or tracing papers.
- Charcoal Crayon or Graphite Stick
- Oil or Water Soluble pastels (I used this Chrome Red Sennelier oil pastel but you
can buy any colors individually that you prefer.)
- Liquitex Clear gesso (I will be providing some for sharing)
- Plastic Scraper/spreader or old credit card
**Instructor will provide a plethora of sharable tools and supplies

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