Portland, OR 2023 Registration is NOW OPEN

Piles of Possibility

Stephanie Lee
9:00 - 4:30
Wed April 19

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$ 185  

If you ever struggle with creating subtle dimension and depth to your art in a way that
feels intentional and integrated, this workshop offers solutions that are much more
accessible than you may have thought.
In this workshop, you will learn new ways of seeing and modifying found elements to
become textural interest in your art all while using the magic of intentional constraint.
You will learn how to effectively create a few simple parameters within which to work so
that your creativity is kicked into overdrive as to how to use those elements free from
the distraction of all the other available materials you could work with. Using a
plaster-based texture medium, natural and found materials, and a bit of paint, you’ll
create a heap of textural studies which you will then learn to enhance with paint and
thoughtful compositions. You’ll discover another source of creative freedom within
constraint and a minimalist approach that will surprisingly also translate into helpful
direction finding when you are working with an abundance of materials as well. You’ll
discover that with a little guidance, less (to choose from) really can be more (creative

Materials Fee $10 cash  paid at beginning of class includes:

generous supply of plasters and plaster products, gessos, extra substrates,
paper and ephemera, and other various mediums including paints, gel mediums, plaster, gauze, tools, stencils, etc

**Instructor will provide a plethora of sharable tools and supplies.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

10-20 small pieces of cardboard, chipboard, masonite, book covers, foam core,
heavy watercolor paper, canvas, etc. I recommend keeping the pieces no larger
than 8”x10” and no smaller than 3”x3”, preferably easy to cut with a craft knife.
Some thin wood pieces will be fine as well.
- Textural objects (dry leaves and materials from nature, fabrics, tools for mark
making, rubber stamps, etc.) I will bring a hefty pile of elements for you to keep
and to share but any personally pleasing items you like will be a lovely addition to
your pieces.
- Paints in your favorite colors (I’m keeping a minimalist palette of raw umber,
titanium white, black, and a few of my favorite shades of blues and greens.
Golden’s Heavy Bodied Titanium White is my favorite and I equally love Golden
Raw Umber and Liquitex Raw Umber. Golden’s Van Dyke Brown is a great
alternative to Raw Umber.)
- Basic art supplies such as craft knife/scissors, cutting mat, ruler, masking tape,
brayer, etc.
- Favorite glue (I love Liquitex Matte Gel Medium and Golden Soft Gel Matte
- Your favorite artist brushes (for glue and for paint)
- Paint tray or palette paper

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