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Intuitive Storyscapes

Jen Cushman & Lorri Scott
9:00 - 4:30
Tue April 18

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$ 185  

Your curiosity and imagination are the keys to discovering your intuitive self. You know this instinctively in your heart and soul because when you are in the midst of your creativity and making art you can feel the tingling sensation of time standing still. The feelings of you being rooted in the center of your being and that your artistry flows and pours forth from your hands and heart, sending thrills throughout your whole body.

Granted getting into flow comes easier to some of us than others, and every single human is creative. Imagination is our birthright. Intuitive Storyscapes with Lorri Scott and Jen Cushman will take you on a journey toward yourself to create a beautifully intimate and instinctively meaningful work of he{art}and soul.

Storyscapes embody collage with fabric, fiber, paper, nature finds, and other unique elements that are hand dyed, painted and stitched. 

Add into that mix an empowering oracle card that you’ll draw for inspiration and to help jump start your creative narrative and the result will be your own meaningful “storyscape”.

We begin class with an intuitive Mandala created collaboratively by the instructors before you arrive comprised of dyed fabrics using rust, botanical, and other techniques interspersed with lace pieces, printed words on fabric, scenes printed on organza and all other elements to create with. An oracle card for our creative community will be drawn and shared with the class and then each person will walk around the mandala gathering pieces that intuitively call to you to become your Storyscape. This shared experience of gathering our art materials in a new way sets the tone and feel for the day of both joyful collaborative community and soulful introspection.

After choosing the pieces instructors will talk about the elements of collage and how to apply them. Collage begins with an idea. When we walk the mandala various pieces of fabrics and elements will jump out at you so you grab it to add to your remnants. After collecting from the mandala and stepping back to reflect on what you’ve chosen inspiration will begin to take hold and guide you to a beautiful and unique-to-you arrangement.

Throughout the day, participants are encouraged to approach Jen if they wish for a quick five minutes or less oracle card reading for further inspiration or clarity to guide your creativity to a final “storyscape”.

Lorri will talk about stitching ideas, adhesives, bindings, attachments, and how to hang your final piece. We can stitch pockets on the back to add your empowering oracle card and other items or written words you want to include.

It helps to come with an open mind, no preconceived notions or expectations. This workshop is perfect for those who want to participate in a new experience of intuitive collage with intention and style.


Kit fee $25 paid at beginning of class to instructors includes:

all dyed and printed fabrics, trims, embellishment to create with

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Thread (black and white and any other various colors you may wish to use)
Embroidery thread in your favorite colors
Ruler if you like straight lines
Paint brush for adding painted details or mark making

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