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Abstract Painting with Cold Wax

Jacqueline Sullivan
9:00 - 4:30
Wed/Thur April 12-13

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$ 365  

Come and explore a new medium! Wax has a long and esteemed history in art and writing. Wax tablets were used with writing as early as the 7th Centruy BC. Today, wax has evolved into a translucent medium that is mixed with Oil Paints. Cold wax can be worked into a textural surface as well as making an ideal surface for carving marks. It is also possible to encapsulate and suspend collage elements within this medium. Often used abstractly, carving patterns and making marks in the wax is used widely by the abstract artists who work with Oil Paint and Cold Wax medium.

In this class students will learn about building multiple layers with Cold Wax and Oil paints. The wax and paint will be brushed, smeared and spread into a pleasing composition of layered, translucent color. Once the layers are built, students can work back into them, making marks and patterns.

When layering paint, understanding color theory is very important, particularly with translucent paint. Students will spend some time mixing colors and see how far they can “Push” the paint colors that are provided.

The end result of this time spent emerged in wax and paint will be at several abstract paintings. Cold Wax Medium and oil paints are not entirely solvent free, but in today’s world, they have been distilled until they are almost fragrance free. No paint thinners or other irritants will be used in this class.


Materials Fee $30 paid at beginning of class includes:

all paints and mediums for this class

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Gloves ( a must!)
Paper Towels (we use a lot!)
Princeton Catalyst Mini Blade Flat #1
Old Gift Cards or Hotel Keys
Scissors to cut gift cards
Stencils and/or punchinella or produce bags or other items to create textures
Small spray bottle
Palette Paper (must have for mixing colors)
Mark Making tools - color shapers, shish kabob sticks, etc.
Oil Pastels – inexpensive set

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