Portland, OR 2023 Registration is NOW OPEN

Wabi Sabi Art Journal

Lisa Agaran
9:00 - 4:30
Tues April 11

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$ 185  

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy that believes beauty can be found in what is naturally imperfect, aged and weathered. When we learn to accept what is unfolding before us without judgment and expectations, we allow more joy and flow into our art making. In this class, you will be creating and customizing your own handmade Wabi Sabi art journal from scratch using the tab hinge bookbinding method (no stitching needed!). You will also be creating your own unique and rich collage papers through the use of Gelli printing. Transform your journal pages into abstract art that captures the feel of Wabi Sabi through the use of texturizing, collaging, asemic writing and kintsugi pages. 

Materials Fee $25 paid at beginning of class includes:

Instructor will be providing printed instructions of all lessons covered and additional collage materials.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

(12) 12 x 18 in. 140 lb. watercolor sheets, scored in the center 9 inches, folded and then trimmed to 9 x 9 in. signatures when folded. (Final journal size will be 9 x 9 in. when closed and 9 x 18 in. when opened. You should have a total of 12 signatures)
9 x 12 in. 70 lb. inexpensive drawing paper or bond paper
(4) sheets of inexpensive newsprint (used to place under journal pages while working on pages)
Acrylic paints -fluid or full body (your favorite colors + unbleached titanium or buff and black)
Gesso (white)
Matte Medium, Decoupage OR Mod Podge
Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate, Strong Tacky Glue OR Book Binding Glue
Muslin Fabric OR Cotton Quilting Fabric – 1/4 yard should be enough
Colored pencils (your favorite colors) & pencil sharpener
Ultra fine sharpie OR Pigma Micron Pen
Metallic Gold Sharpie OR Uni-ball Signo Gold
Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint
Paint brushes (variety of sizes & styles, also include a brush to apply matte medium/decoupage–doesn’t have to be expensive brushes)
White plastic plates OR butcher tray for mixing paint
Cup for water
Small Sea Sponge
Sponge and bowl (or small bucket) for water - used to wipe off access paint off of brayer.
Gelli Plate (8 x 10 inches or more) and & Brayer
Small fine mist water bottle
Scoring Tool (bone folder OR Kemper Double Ball Stylus Embossing Tool)
Xacto-knife and cutting mat
Ruler/Straight Edge
Paper Towels & hand wipes
Putty Spreader or burnisher (for smoothing down collage materials)
Plastic Palette Knife (for applying gesso to pages and mixing paint)
extension cord/power strip (if you are traveling, we have some to share)
Portable table lamp for extra lighting (optional)

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