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Marvelous Stitched Molas

Helene Knott
9:00 - 4:30
Tues April 11

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$ 185  

Molas are a decorative folk art applique practiced by the natives of the San Blas Islands off of Panama. In this technique, several brightly colored fabrics are layered then cut away and reverse appliquéd to create a design, usually depicting Folk Art themes. A traditional Mola is made by hand but there will be an option to make one using an easy machine technique if you prefer. In the class, you will make a ‘Molita’ (a small Mola made for the souvenir trade), that can be made into a small wall hanging, pillow, or incorporated into a future garment or bag project. There will be a variety of tribal and folk art motifs to choose from.

Please be courteous to others by arriving for class with the correct supplies.. Please note that students purchasing kits will still need to bring all the supplies underlined on the list. Contact me at 503-631-8806 or helene.m.knott@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Materials Fee $30  paid at beginning of class includes:

• Hand sewing kit includes: Four to five pieces of fabric in various colors of your (some motifs for the class will require four colors and some five), thread, hand applique needle, transfer paper, plastic overlay sheet, a chalk marking pencil, and a pattern packet.
• Machine sewing kit includes: Four to five pieces of fabric in various colors of your (some motifs for the class will require four colors and some five), thread, stabilizer, a foundation pattern (see note), and a master pattern packet. NOTE: You will receive one foundation pattern in the kit, additional foundations may be purchased for a nominal fee.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• Embroidery scissors: To cut fine reverse appliqué details. These are absolutely necessary! Bring small-jawed, sharp pointed embroidery scissors not regular sewing shears or appliqué scissors.
• A Seam ripper: This tool is also absolutely necessary for this technique, make sure yours is sharp.
• Standard wooden drawing pencil
• Sewing pins: For hand applique, the small appliqué pins are preferable to the standard quilting pins, for the precise, intricate designs. For the machine method, standard quilting or sewing pins will be fine.
• Sewing Machine: With extra bobbins and a free-motion stitching foot – stitching can be carried out with a regular piecing foot but that is a slower painstaking process, a free-motion foot makes this technique faster (FOR THE MACHINE METHOD ONLY).  We will have some machines to share.
• Portable light and/or magnifier (optional – for handwork only): Good lighting is essential for handwork and the lighting in classroom environments isn’t always up to the task. It can be helpful to have additional, focused lighting in the form of an Ott type lamp or the LED type that hangs around your neck. Some lights come with an attached magnifier lens, this too can be useful.

If you prefer to bring your own materials as opposed to purchasing a kit, please contact the instructor for more details as some supplies are specific to individual methods.

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