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Moss ball/Kokedama

Weina Dinata
Thur AFT April 13

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$ 95  

You’ll learn how to create and care for a striking and unique Japanese art of bonsai without a container called moss ball or kokedama. Kokedama, translated as moss ball, is a form of bonsai in Japan; it’s also called Poor Man’s Bonsai.

Creating Kokedama is about being present and mindful, it’s about honoring and reflecting on the Japanese principle and design sense of Wabisabi—an appreciation of the imperfections and impermanence of natural beauty. The characteristics of Wabisabi include simplicity, warmth, earthiness, irregularity, roughness, and acceptance. The workshop includes all the materials for assembling your moss ball, a step-by-step breakdown of the process, and helpful care tips for keeping your creation happy and healthy. During the workshop you can also decide to make a hanging or table-top version.
Last but not least, you’ll also learn the difference between native and non-native including tropical plants, in relation to our habitat. You will walk away feeling empowered with information about native plants & resources to become a steward for our habitat!  

Materials Fee $20  paid at beginning of class includes:

• PNW native woodland for outdoor or tropical plant for indoor
• Organic soil + bonsai mix
• Preserved sheet moss
• Metal ring
• Waxed thread, decorative strings, fishing line & beads (optional)
• A hand-out of important information about native plants, tips, resources, and care instruction
Please email Weina with your choice between native (outdoor) or tropical (indoor) plants.  weina@poppyandfinch.com

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